Helmet Cover for Team Wendy ballistic Helmet

Hi guys, just bought the soldier-story-ss115-ctru-assault-team Team wendy Helmet. I want to use it for a TSSN alpha recce bash. Cause its black i was looking for a way to give it a more woodsy kinda look without airbrushing it. while i was looking at helmet covers on google i found this.
image image

I would like to try myself in replicating this in 1/6. while i have no experience working with fabrics i would appriciate any kind of help. I was thinking about the multicam printed fabric from spoonflower.com or just an olive version. But im afraid i dont know what fabric is able to be cutted without fraying to much and propably has a proportion of stretch within.

Thanks in advance


Thought about something like this


Lately I’ve been thinking of making a few custom helmet covers as well for my DEVGRU bashes. I just need to know where I can get materials in the proper scale

I have used Spoonflower material (various camo prints including multicam). Overall very happy. Used material for helmet covers/battle belt/scarf/wrap around rifle.

Negative I found: camo print only on one side, underneath is plain white material. Have painted underneath area (acrylic paint applied with brush or airbrush gun). Kinda worked - paint can darken the camo print & material can become stiff. You get about 2cm of plain material around the test sheet print, I use this to test my paint/water mix to reduce bleeding & general reaction to my paint application.

Have tried folding material over to make strips. Used super glue which was really stupid it bleed through and made material really ridged. If anyone could recommend a better option please let me know.

Overall very happy with spoonflower primts - recommend them.

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Thanks for the feedback, how was your experience about fraying and what fabric you used? Cause i think i can use only one layer if i want to cut ist out like on the pictures…

I checked eBay and found this guy from spoonflower.com je does pattern in 1/6 scale and has diffrent fabrics to choose from.

I’ve looked into it, and they don’t seem to have the pattern I need which is Multicam Black. Guess I’ll keep searching then. Though if I have to go with solid black instead, so be it. The real question is though, what cover should I base mine off of? Does anybody know what DEVGRU uses on their helmets?

Yeah fraying can be a pain. I use really sharp embroidery scissors to get nice clean cuts, seems to reduce this issue.

Attached photos of helmets I made using spoonflower multicam. Far right helmets are soldier story (top), Very Hot (bottom). All other helmets are DIY home made using spoonflower fabric. Give a comparison manufacturers fabric v spoonflowers

Regarding the fabric this is the information on my receipt. PETAL SIGNATURE COTTON • TEST SWATCH (METERS) - Test Swatch (Meters) (200mm x 200mm), Not sure if you can select other fabrics. I know there is a drop down menu. But I think they limit fabric selection when you order a test swatch.

I think just cutting strips and using top layer will work fine for you on this project. Maybe attach double side tape to help secure cover & hide white underside. I am getting some 3m tape, recommended on another forum thread. Has great sticking qualities.

Best of luck with this project - look forward to some pictures (tbh I may have a go myself, I do like the look, brighten up some of my plain/boring helmets)


Thanks man! The Covers Look brillant! I think i will try the Nylon tape First… cause its a cheap and fast delivered… if the od is to boring, i will give the cotton fabric a try. I will share some pics by time! Cheerio

With nylon you should be able to seal the edges with heat to prevent fraying.


How would you work it out? Iron the complete template carefully or just pull some heated metal over the edges?

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When I used to work for a sign company there were heat knives we used to cut out and trim nylon banners… you could experiment with a lighter, but be really careful, I’m not sure how it would work on a small scale without bubbling. You might have to keep a bit of distance.

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Would it be possible to use some of their fabric to replace the Multicam wraps 6354DO holsters with ones of my choosing?

Yes, should work well on holsters as surface areas nice and uniform, not too many undercuts or tricky small areas. Not sure what glue to recommend. Used super glue and its to harsh, bleeds through material and sets rock hard - tried PVA glue same thing happened. Just bought some glue used in making clothes, not tried it yet. Even toying with trying 3M tape, its so slim could work.

Don’t know if anyone could advise on adhesives for this type of job?

I’ve heard that people use spray adhesive for re-coating real holsters. Maybe that might work. My main concern though are the little circle and triangular bits on the outside of the holster, plus of course the QLS fork that attaches to the slot on the belt part. Would I need to remove them before putting the wrap on?

I always remove as many parts as is possible, can them get good access to everything.

Thanks for spray adhesive idea, will look into that

Wait for the SS116 to get the EXFIL helmet with the slits like on your picture.

I got both ballistic versions now. The Brown one from e&s and the black from the ctru. The Soldier Story one is amazing in details, but allover Quality and the fittings are half baked. The Carbon version is nice but i like the ballistic one more. Startet to make a stencil with the thermo-nylon tape… but its a pain…

Would you say it is worth ordering a sample sheet? I plan on using small amounts of glue on my helmets.

What is your main method of applying the covers now?

Recognising that I am jumping into a year-old conversation, I have recently seen that Spoonflower does have a 1/6 scale multicam black. Have you seen this?