Helmet Cover for Team Wendy ballistic Helmet

I am aware of it, though the pattern I want has been rather elusive. The one you’ve linked has the right colors, but the shapes seem too jagged to be real multicam. In lieu of that I have been considered directly contacting DAM toys (I’ve already tried E&S to no success) about purchasing some of their MCB fabric for replacing the wrap on my 6354DO holsters, since that’s pretty much all I could do with my lack of sewing skills or equipment. Should that prove not to pan out, I could try contacting Very Cool (who’s making a figure with an MCB helmet cover), try E&S again, or wait for a figure with the right holster and wrap to be released (like the Seal Team one from Minitimes) and transferring the wrap to my main holsters.

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Just placed a test order at spoonflower. Let’s see how the fabric is like!