Help needed. Identify Armor Carrier.

Can somebody identify the plate carrier worn by the kid?

Closest I can come up with is this

Could be an FEARLESS PC Plate Carrier.

Looks good, but not the same.

Here’s another picture from a different angle. The shoulder straps are differnt, also the laser cutting.

I believe it is the Flex Assaulter Plate Carrier System (or a variant of it) from Arbor Arms. They’ve posted some tagged video/photo content with MEU and that appears to be their cummerbund design which they state is in use with USMC.


You got it! Thank you very much, Adam! :+1:

Now we need a manufacturer to make a FLEX Assaulter Plate Carrier in 1/6! :grin:

E&S, do you here me? I want a modern Force Recon Marine outfitted like the one above. :star_struck: