Help needed to identify

As you can see, I had plans to built this kitbash figure of a marine that was seen in the mission Hunting Party in Modern Warfare 2019 in the future and I need help identify the plate carrier/vest that the marine is wearing and is there any brands that produce this plate carrier/vest or any suitable substitute that I could use.


Looks like an MLCS CIRAS MARITIME ARMOR CARRIER like the one on DAM 78085.

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I think the one on 78075 is a 511 plate carrier if you looked at the cumberband

Might be but that’s the description on the piece breakdown for such figure. Might work for your project or the one with the SS EOD figure.

He said 78085, not 78075

Do you know the plate carrier in the first picture?

Hard to tell. Since it’s a video game image could be anyone. That’s why I suggested using the CIRAS from 78085. It’s the closest one to that one you need.

I was thinking of using this plate carrier and some of the pouches from these upcoming E&S sets, not sure if they are a good substitute

Too modern for the figure you want to display. But if you don’t look for accuracy but more for looking good and you like it, go ahead. Could be a good substitute.

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What video game is it ARMA?!

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2019

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I reason I wanted to use the E&S set is because they almost looked similar to the plate carrier in the first picture