Help with future bashes

Recently, I have decided to try and complete my 12-man Tier 1 black ops death squad, 6 being from DEVGRU and the other 6 from CAG. Before I start going about it however, I need some help ironing out some details. While I have already planned out many the operators of the operators that I intend to make in terms of weapons, gear, clothes, names, and roles, there is one operator for whom I am coming up short on in those regards. I believe that this is due to the fact that I can’t come up with a role for them in the team, which itself is due to me not knowing what roles are performed by tier 1 operators. So I’m going to list the names and roles of each of the operators that I have been able to come up with so far, and you can tell me if there are any roles that might be missing and could be fulfilled by either that odd man out or any operators that could use a new secondary role.

  1. Thanatos(DEVGRU)-pointman
  2. Ghoul(DEVGRU)-assaulter
  3. Wraith(DEVGRU)-breacher
  4. Azraël(CAG)-squadron leader/assaulter
  5. Strigoi*(CAG)-medic/assaulter
  6. Revenant(DEVGRU)-drone specialist/assaulter
  7. Barghest(DEVGRU)-K9 handler/assaulter
  8. Onryō(CAG)-assaulter/ possible second role
  9. Draugr(DEVGRU)-machine gunner
    11.Lich*(CAG)-designated marksman)

*Working name

Question 2: What LMG is currently in use by DEVGRU, and how are they often set up?

Question 3: as his name suggests, Onryō is Japanese. However it is hard to track down headsculpts of that ethnicity, much less ones that would be able to fit on a modern DAM body. Are there any such headsculpts that could fit the bill?

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Sorry I don’t know enough about proper military to help, but can’t wait to see the results of this project. Sounds super cool.

Actually there are loads of heads that are Asian but I don’t know if they fit modern dam bodies. I get a lot of generic Asian heads off eBay, both necked and unnecked, so give that a shot? Usually easier to type in some famous Asian actors that might help in giving you a selection of heads. Here’s a few off the top of my head to get you started… Chow Yun fat, Andy Lau, Simon yam, Wu Jing. I’ve got an older actor Beat Takeshi on the way. Or try one of the coomodel samurai heads. Hope that helps.

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Did made several WWII Japanese figures, but the neck connectors might not fit your needs.

Now that I think about it, some of the heads from the coo model samurai figure would probably be my best bet. Either that or hoping that VTS makes a 1/6 scale version of Jin Sakai from Ghost Of Tsushima, since the figure is supposed to be a modern version of a ninja or samurai. Speaking of which, should I try and get Onryō one of those masks that samurai wear, or should I give him a more low key balaclava with an oni face on it?

He could always be the new guy tasked with carrying the assault ladder or something

Haha both options sound cool. I’m doing a bash with the samurai mask. If you were doing the oni balaclava where would you get it? I’ve never seen one before.

Part of me wants to keep it secret in order to prevent you or anybody else from buying the last one available out from under me, but I’ll tell you anyways for the sake of courtesy: Ebay. I have been considering a samurai face mask (the proper name for which is men-yoroi) like you, but trying to locate loose ones in black has proven difficult. And the ones that I could track down are either in the wrong color (which could be fixed with paint), have fake facial hair on them, or have these throat guards (Nodowa) that I’m not sure are safely removable.

There is a mask from POP toys’s female samurai set that looks promising, but I’m not sure how well it would fit on a male headsculpt. I also came across this shirt from a crazy owners ninja set that comes attached with an Oni neck gaiter. I could either leave the figure in just that, or put a jacket over it. Although the latter option might impair the arm articulation, depending on how thick the shirt is. Another option is to get one of the mesh face masks from one of E&S’s British figures, and paint an oni face onto it. I already plan to do the same with Azraël (who already has that mask) but with a skull instead. Next to the balaclava, this is the option that would fit in best among my other figures compared to using an actual men-yoroi, without potentially impairing articulation like the neck gaiter shirt. The only issues would be the that such masks are hard to come across these days, and painting the face might be difficult.

As for weapons, I think that an LVAW and a suppressed Glock 17 should be enough to take the place of bows and katanas. I will keep the tanto, although I’m not sure which one to get, or if CAG operators use modern versions of those knives. I already have a cold steel recon 1, an SOG X42, and a strider BT knife, all of which are tantos. If you have some suggestions for other ones that I should take a look at, I’d be more than happy to hear them.

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Thanks for that! Haha don’t worry I won’t steal your stuff. I used the men yoroi(thanks too didn’t know what it was called) from a full coomodels set I bought years back. Was planning a much more ambitious modern samurai but over estimated my bashing skills and so I had just left it as the only non modern figure in my collection until now.

Edit I was about to give the name of a place where J got some pieces but we aren’t allowed to. Sorry. Keep searching I bought a samurai mask without neck guard years ago. Forgot the name as it was ages ago. I didn’t like the look of it once they arrived but you might.

I took another look at the balaclava that I mentioned, and I realized that the design on it wasn’t an oni face; it was essentially a color-swapped version of a regular skull. So unfortunate to loose such a promising option, but I suppose that there are still others.

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