Hengguan 1/12 RC Cougar MRAP

Came across this one while browsing about. Pricey but a pretty neat piece.


And to transport it, the same brand release this :slightly_smiling_face:

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They have got some Hummer too, in 1/10 scale :slightly_smiling_face:

Yeah they have some neat pieces. I’m wondering how close they are to accurate scale as RC brands can be a bit hit or miss with their stated scale. If these fit the newer 1/12 figures that would be quite interesting.

As cool a these, and all of the 1:6 AFVs are, they are “above my pay grade”. Their prices equate to quite a few figures, and/or 1:1 kinetic devices.

I think they are excellent value compared to most toys considering it comes rtr with a serious controller. These chassis’ are mostly metal and functional where a plastic figure just stands there. There’s a video of them blowing up the Cougar somewhere. The amount of development time is exponentially higher on a working vehicle than on toy clothes and guns. That said, I wouldn’t buy one because I have nowhere to put such a big vehicle. If they did the Hummer in 1/12 I would consider getting one. The dimensions of the Hummer check out fine so I’m guessing they are all to scale. Here is a link of a 1/12 crazy figure and the 1/10 Humvee which clearly is too tall. http://www.rcscale-friend.com/product/176/หุ่นนาวิกโยธิน-หน่วยรบพิเศษ-1-12

I thought that might be the case with the Hummer being 1/10 and your analysis of the dimensions. Seems promising the 1/12 versions may be an option then. I may look at getting one of the Cougars. As a side note I was really impressed to see how they package these. It’s not often you see that sort of attention to detail and care these days.