Here it is at long last: Scrib's Weapon Collection

Without further ado, here’s the link:

I just received a shipment of weapons from Adam today and updated my pics to include them.

Questions? Fire away!


That’s more than 1000 pieces. Good collection with quite some rarities.

Thanks for sharing. Took you long enough :wink:

Now that is a super impressive collection. Need to find some way to get those all out on display. Some real classics in there, especially from Dragon. I have some of those tucked away in various carded sets that I should really crack open and put out on display.

Very impressive scrib. I use the same kind of containers for my loose weapons.

You gonna share, too?

Thanks for the praise, gents. As you can see, several of the drawers still have room for expansion. Some of the empty spaces will be filled by definite upcoming releases, others are wishful thinking.

I still need to get around to taking pics of the figures and misc. accessories.

chpo: If I was gonna do this, I was gonna do it right and not half-ass it. I think it was worth the wait!

Adam: While it would be cool to have everything more out in the open, the primary roadblock is dust. I hate dusting. Everything from the M60E3s onward is out on shelves because they are too large to fit properly in the drawers. I think the drawers work well enough for easy access and they can be removed from the base unit for quick swapping around if need be. I removed each drawer individually to take the pics.

Suicide Commando: Useful, aren’t they?

No worries. Only joking. Wait for your figures then.

It’s all good, I know you were joking. I hope to get around to it soon.

It wouldn’t be terribly exciting at the moment as most of what you would see is bins and boxes. One of the things I would like to do this year is get a more permanent area setup for taking photos with a proper lighting setup, especially for larger items like figures.

So most of yours is still MIB? I remember you mentioned some mannequins from Big 6 you put together once?

Quite a bit still MIB, quite a bit sold off as well. These days I tend to just keep the parts I want and the figures in specific genres as it is getting too expensive to just collect generally. Made some progress with mannequins and working on some weapons but free time is usually scarce until the spring/summer months.

That’s the downside of leaving school and getting older. Somehow there are so many things to take care of besides the job. I hardly get one evening a week to do some 1/6 related stuff. 10 years ago no problem to have any spare time.

So the CNY break is not slowing down anything?

You got it. I work pretty much 7 days a week so free time can be infrequent. I made the mistake of putting my 1/6 stuff in the same room as the video games, so usually when I try to sneak in there my son pops in and wants me to play games with him. I used to wonder why Twitch became a thing, but I guess I know now.

Are you more into the older games or pretty much everything?

A bit of everything really, but mostly PC titles at the moment. Only one I haven’t tried out is the Switch which @Scrib tells me is worth checking out. Got burned on the Wii U last time! :laughing:

Also Division like the Darkzone figures?

I also discovered PC again. there is this site, who are selling old games. Just went for Thief, Mafia 1, Deus Ex 1 and Vampire Bloodlines. The old single player games are far superior in my opinion. Don’t know about multiplayer though.

Nintendo I loved the N64, but never tried any recent ones.

@Scrib Sorry for misusing your thread.

Hey all,

I, um, forgot that I had a better camera than my iPhone 6. I’ve honestly not been happy with the quality of my collection pics so I will be retaking them with my old Canon PowerShot!

Until then, enjoy this test shot of some of my newest acquisitions (you may recognize the custom SS Colt 727 - now updated with the older CAR-15 stock!).


Now I see what you need the rail covers for. Did SS never release any rifle with fixed handguard like this?

Yeah, I need one full-length one for the 12 o’clock rail on the 727, four to replace the DAM ones I have on my Mk. 18 with the carry handle, two for an M16A4, and five to divvy up among two rifles that are on their way to me. And I’m sure I’ll need some for yet-to-be released rifles as well.

SS did preview non-railed handguards when they showcased their “version 2” family of AR-15s, including the Mk. 18, M4, 727, M16A2, and M16A4. Unfortunately, they have yet to actually include them with a figure. I made my own 727 by mixing and matching SS uppers, lowers, and barrels, but I have to make do with RIS handguards and rail covers.

That Surefire handguard is the first carbine-length non-railed handguard they have produced that I am aware of.

Okay, the gallery has been updated with better pictures. The link is the same.

If you don’t feel like scrolling back to the top of the page, here it is again:

I’ve added some new pieces and swapped a few accessories around.

Major changes:

Pump-action Shotgun drawer: Added DAM Remington 870 w/ CTR stock

AR-15 Carbine drawer: Added SS M4A1, SS M4A1 w/ ACOG, DAM Mk. 18 w/ a ridiculous number of attachments

FN Minimi drawer: Added SS Mk. 46 Mod 1