Hey everyone

Hey there everyone

I’ve been on here a little while but for some reason didn’t actually realise was a full forum until someone pointed out today lol

I’ve been collecting in total for about 20 years on and off, so sadly had lots of amazing figures but then life meant selling again. Including Ape Joe RAF with real leather jackets.

Anyhow, I now mainly try to focus on French foreign Legion and Royal Marines…so got about 20 legionnaires and 5 or 6 Royal Marines. Will post pics. Working on more legionnaires at moment too.

Look forward to interacting. Been off forums a while (lurpdog101 for those who were on others)




Hey Chris,

Just answered you on OSW about the French pants someone bought from me unfortunately. It was you :smile: So no harm done!

Welcome to Armed Figures


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Welcome! I remember your username from OSW.

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thanks mate :slightly_smiling_face:

ahahah yeah that was quite funny. Thanks for helping me out!! I found a really cool looking photo (from 2017/18 Mali op) to use as reference which inspired me to get them!

Yeah, felt a bit sorry for you in the first place, but funny coincidence!

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Welcome, these forums rock so it’s always nice to have another contributor as well.

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Good to see you here, Chris. Been a while, hope things are good for you and yours.

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thanks all :slight_smile: I’m good. Looking forward to contributing!

Welcome lurpdog101.

Many of us are double dipping here and on OSW still.

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Hi, welcome here! It’s a great forum. Looking forward to see some of your stuff!

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Hello and welcome to the forum … with a little delay compared to others :yum::yum:

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haha thanks guys :slight_smile: