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Hello everyone! I’ve always been very intrigued and interested with 1/6 scale military figures… As a kid I would often take a long look online but back then never fully committed to actually owning any figures.

After growing up I am back and have a renewed interest in this fascinating hobby!

Quality wise what is the best brand out there? I was considering picking up DT #78075 as my first figure… I’m looking into making a few Russian SOF operators and wondering if there’s enough gear out there to make them all unique but still very much realistic to what their current load-outs would be abroad…

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Welcome to the forum. Quality wise DAM tends to make the most premium product when looked at as an overall figure package, and this is reflected in their prices. With that said other brands can be neck and neck with certain parts, be that clothing items or weapons. Easy Simple is the other main brand these days and they are targeting more towards the middle segment of the market and sacrifice a bit of polish in order to get product out faster to market and at a more palatable price.

Soldier Story used to be one of the dominant players but has really fallen off these days and consistent quality control problems have been an issue in recent times, as has been their ability to get product to market in a timely manner. As you get some experience with different brands you kind of get an idea of which specific types of parts they excel at. For example, DAM makes the best footwear out there, and while Soldier Story may look comparable in photos they are a QC headache with sloppy glue application and fragile eyelets.

As far as customizing specific loadouts you really have to follow all the releases that come out and pick up pieces from multiple figures, sometimes over the years, to be able to recreate some loadouts. Inevitably there are compromises with certain figures for cost or available information reasons. I often find the 1:6 stuff lags behind 1:1 in terms of when items get produced, although Easy Simple tends to catch on to trends earlier than most. Loose parts tend to be popular for this reason as you often end up needing parts from several figures to get the look you want.


Welcome here to this great forum and have fun. Feel free to ask questions. The 78075 is a very godd start in this hobby. With damtoys you can hardly make a mistake. However, Damtoys has a few QC issures sometimes.

If you are looking for Russian equipment just tipping russian or spetsnaz in the search field. Especialy Damtoys has done some great Figures. Also you get the quipment and weapons as loose parts too.

Hey there and welcome, I am shore you will enjoy your time here at this forum. And all the guys here have plenty of good information to share. :+1:

Hello and welcome to this forum …

If you want to start by making Russian soldiers, then Damtoys is interesting, because of the many boxes released with Russian troops.
Personally, I think SoldierStory remains the best brand, but today they are having a lot of difficulty putting out their figures.

The DAM figure you selected is a great place to start! I picked up two, put one together right away and am trying to gather some parts for the second one to make it look a little different.

As far as Russian figures, DAM is the best company right now. There used to be others (KGBhobby was the first company to really focus on modern Russian figures) but once DAM got into the game they sort of pushed a lot of companies aside.

Quality-wise, I still feel Soldier Story is the top company. Their subject matter is always well researched and specific. Their parts are really good quality. The only issues I have had are over-complicated weapons (too much detail is not good for durability) but they seemed to have fixed that problem in recent releases.

DAM has had quite a few huge issues, they had a figure in NWU fatigues which had to be totally redone… but no one who bought the figure ever seemed to have gotten the replacement uniform (myself included). I have also had figures missing parts/supplied with the wrong parts, the worst being shipped a figure with two left feet and boots. I had to shell out an additional $30 to fix that mistake. in general they are quite decent, but far from perfect.

Hey man and welcome aboard!
I think @AdamC and the others have summed it all up, pretty well.
You can’t really make a mistake with a figure by DAM if you’re willing to pay the exceedingly steep prices they’re asking. Guess they’re the ring leader when it comes to modern Russians.
Personally, I do like E&S, except for their bodies, which are often loose and floppy.
They do a lot of modern US and Western SOF, which is more into my field of interest.
You can find lots of IRL reference pictures, here, too, for bashing.

Sellers were all provided (on a 1 to 1 basis for all figures they had ordered) with replacement uniforms to give out to their customers who had bought the figure. As is often the case when DAM provides replacement parts some chose to sell them rather than provide them to the customers they sold figures to.


Welcome Hristanya,

I echo the same sentiments as everyone else here. Enjoy the forum!


Thanks everyone for the warm welcome!

Could somebody tell me how to apply a helmet cover to a helm? I only have one circular piece of coated tissue and would like to make sure it goes well…

I’m uncertain where the Velcro straps should go! A short video or a visual guide would be great

Trying my best to get pouches on the plate carrier… I’ve tried with tweezers but just impossible with the size of the loop and it not moving due to the material… Any tips?

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A desktop magnifying lamp and bent nose tweezers really helps. When I get a stubborn one I fold the strap in half and feed it through with the tweezers. Some of them can be a bit of pain so being able to zoom in with good lighting helps the process.

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I use mini screwdriver to feed through the loops.

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Bad form, that…which is the most printable opinion I have.

And WELCOME Hristanya !!!

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I wonder if my local retailer orders directly from Dam or from a distributor… I asked about the replacement uniform and they said they never even heard of the issue. Luckily, with that particular figure, the fatigues are covered up by the included jumpsuit.

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Retailers order through distributors. DAM provides replacements to distributors, who in turn supply to retailers based on their previously ordered figured quantity. Replacement uniforms were definitely sent to the US as they were available loose through the usual outfits. Either the distributor failed to notify and take care of your retailer or played favorites. There is a bit of a lag time before they can manufacture replacements, so another possibility is it dropping from memory in the intervening months.


Hristanya, Working MOLLE attachments is one of my least favorite tasks, 1/6 or 1/1. That said, after being shown a “proper” 1/1 technique, I’ll admit the pouches don’t come loose, and can be pretty snug.
For 1/6, I keep at hand some of the small gauge dental and sculpting tools, as well as some homemade eye wire tools (similar to the button tools some companies include with figures).
I feed those thru the alternating loops one or two at a time, then either stick a strap end, or a small loop. Some thin tape, like the magical blue painter tape, can be used to help secure those long enough for a few pulls.
If you want to go hard core, a small threaded sewing needle can be pushed thru the tip of the strap and knotted. After that, thread the needle thru the MOLLE loops and pull the straps thru.

Scale-wise, I think the loops and straps are a bit thicker than their full-size equivalents, so all’s fair, sez I.

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Thank you! I’ll keep that all in mind… I’ve bought a bunch of magnets so will try to fiddle around with that :slight_smile:

Welcome to the group.

The other folks took care of answering your questions, so all I can say is follow that advice and carry on, and have fun building.