Hi y’all (from Sweden)

Getting into the hobby again!:partying_face:


After my primary 1/6th ”years” starting off with some WWII german paratroopers, a few bash’d PMC’s, HT ROTJ Darth Vader, HT Alice from Resident Evil Afterlife, a few unlicensed movie figs and one of my grail pieces; the HT Scar Predator 2.0 waaay back in the day) I went into some kind of hiatus; I missed out on the HT Wolf Pred 2.0 a few years ago and pretty much lost all interest😔

Though I had some 30+ figs; HT Preds, diverse VTS figs and even a couple of HT and Soldier Story military guys I always loved the sci-fi/horror theme. But I digress…

Nowadays my primary focus is within modern military figs (plus law enforcement and ”good ol’ PMCs” from various countries ) and my oh my this stuff have come a long way since I been around!
I actually have some DAM/E&S-kitbash WIPs lying around here (pics coming).

Looking forward to discuss, ask questions and, hopefully, even be to some kind of help to anyone around here.


PS All though lace’d boots are really nice I actually don’t mind molded ones😉


Welcome to the group! I look forward to seeing your pics.

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Thanks mate! Great place to start a new.

Actually the bashes are the ES26004 (kinda stripped down on gear) and ES26002 but with DAM bodys and head sculpts. Those E&S 1.0 bodys were really wonky and loose, right. Those HS’s were awesome though.

Hey there, welcome. Guess, you found a good place to start new. There will be lots of inspiration and ways to share.


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Welcome aboard! Looking forward to pics and a fruitful discussion! Any chance of Scandinavian SOF?!? I’ve been contemplating a Norwegian bash, with ref pics now showing them in the ubiquitous MC, but have not progressed beyond mere thought…

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Welcome among us … for me it’s more sharing of the photos that I recover … as for the technical details of the figures there are many specialists here … :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hello to Sweden! Welcome aboard! How many europians we have now among us? :thinking:

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Here is one from Germany! :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed:

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from France… :clipperton_island: Vive la France :clipperton_island:

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I guess, the Germans are quite frequent in here now!

Thanks mate!
Hmm, Swedish SOF (SOG in swedish) translate to Special Operations Group would be kinda cool🤔

Yeah some guys are artists and have a real keen eye for details.

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Hello and welome to the board. Have fun and looking forward to your work.

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Thanks-a-bunch for the warm welcome, you guys!:black_heart:

welcome to a great place for kitbashes.
have fun…this community here is awesome!
warm regards from germany…

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A bit behind, in these busy days (daze?), but WELCOME, Swede !!!

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A great Scandinavian I have seen some time ago is this Danish one. Wouldn’t mind any more to come.

Yes, I have seen that one, great bash! No idea, where that uniform could be obtained. Modern Scandinavian SOF apparently have gone Multicam, so they will be easier to bash. On the other hand, some unique camo certainly would make for a special figure.

I wonder too. Maybe it’s a DIY? The only official itemI have found otherwise are these Norwegians.

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Hej (pronounce like “Hey”)! It has been a long time since I visited Sweden. I loved it! I have 3 Swedish friends. I love the phone books in Sweden. They list by occupation! I don’t love the liquor prices though…LOL! And I love the number 6! It is my favorite thing to do! LOL!

Welcome & Enjoy!

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