HK 237/337 .300 Blackout

Looks like HK is jumping on the bandwagon to compete with SIG on solicitations for .300 blackout models.


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HK never does ugly rifles. Hopefully seen soon in 1/6. Don’t think so though…

Man, both of those look nice.

It would be nice if newer arms like these got released as weapon sets rather than waiting x number of years for a reference photo of it in service to justify a figure being made. There is a 437 as well but no pictures of that yet.

The 237 looks like a successor to the G36. That’s intended?

Intended in the sense that most of the demand for .300 blackout is from special operation units wanting a PDW variant of existing platforms (hence AR, G36, etc) with a more powerful cartridge than that used in alternatives like the MP7 but still offers good performance with a suppressor/short barrel combination. SIG has their MCX Rattler and FN is doing the SCAR-SC in 300 blackout as well. Basically seems to be the new trend going around, a more capable PDW.


And what is Colt contributing to the PDWs?

The XCR is another company. Always thought it’s a smaller M4.

Colt Canada has the MRR8.5SC (bottom one in that series of pictures) in 300 blackout. Colt had another rifle, but it was a bit longer. You might also remember the AAC Honey Badger which pretty much kicked off this whole trend. Robinson Armament has the XCR in 300 blackout as well.

If any brand was to do a 1:6 PDW like this, the one that would make sense would be the SIG as SOCOM is testing that one now.