Hk 416 a5 users

Are any American units using the a5 or is it just a French thing now?

I am pretty sure that Elite Units like Delta or DEVGRU have tested the A5 or using it. But who knows for sure? The U.S. Special Forces and many other Units in Europe use the HK416 in different Variants like D, N or F. The French uses the A5 for sure. They went from Famas to HK416 in 2016. The US had already thousends of M4 and nany HK. Existing users of the HK416 are likely to simply buy the individual parts or similar parts that can be put into their existing rifles, rather than buying new HK416A5 or A7 from H&K. It is all about the money. For the HK416 you get RAHG, M-LOK or Keymod rails. The A5 or newer A7 ones are updated 416 rifles and no game changing new weapon systems.

I think the easily adjustable gas block is a pretty big deal atleast

Delta uses pre-A5 416D’s with a special finish that looks similar to RAL8000 and those are often confused for A5. The US Army trialed the A5 but didn’t adopt it. I would assume various units have also tested it. Wikipedia lists a bunch of other countries that have adopted it for various units.

I would think that would just be a phase in a5 as the olders d’s were retired out

Yes, i have seen many photos of Delta Operators with Geissele HK 416 Super Modular Rail. Especially with that desert color which is similar to RAL8000 like you said. If they have a working weapon which is battle proved why change to an A5 Version. The A5 was introduced in 2008. So it is also not so new anymore. The new real deal is the A7 Version (G95) which the German KSK and KSM will use.

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I forgot it also had the shorter flared magwell as well

There are some nice improvements done in the last years with the A5 and now A7 Version. But this Baby cost about 1.800$. The French selected the HK416 in 2016 from H&K after 40 Years with the Famas in Service. The contract with H&K is reportedly worth up to $450 million (177$ million for the rifles) and will cover the manufacture of more than 100,000 rifles (HK416F) plus accompanying accessories, ammunition and services including initial maintenance and user training. Thats why the US does not order new HK416A5 or A7 i think because they have many M4 and HK416 in stock and the HK416 is mainly used by Elite Units.