HMMWV Humvee rotating turret

Not another Humvee you say. But here’s something different- a major mod to the 21st Century RC HMMWV. I’m tearing out the guts and replacing with hobby grade components, ditched the comical Tow launcher and replacing it with a 3D printed rotating turret. A smoke generator pumps smoke through a rather complex plumbing system to the barrel and a sound card plays the actual recording of an M2 Browning firing. The plan is to blink out the vehicle with more scale details and a fully animatronic gunner.


That is just crazy! Real cool work!
You shoud add a LED light to the gun :slight_smile:

Simply amazing! I hope you will continue to customize the outside and inside of the humvee!

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@onesixtomy ,
I did that for my Apache helicopter. I think it looks fake, not worth the trouble.


I plan to add more details to the outside. Unfortunately the inside is occupied by the RC chasis and electronics.


Man…all that time designing and making the turret…Way to go!

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Work in progress.


Way too cool…Way to go!

Great updates.

Lots of movement in that gunner.

Exterior detailing progress.


That truly looks awesome dude love your work.

This is an awesome build. I know the quality of your work Makiedog and it is superb!!!

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crazy jobs… it’s fantastic :heart_eyes:

Awesome stuff.

I commented on this latest upgrade on OSW, so no need to repeat again here.

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What type/brand of 3d-printer do you use?

I use a Saturn and a Mono, both are resin printers.


Some progress. Built the Cargo Net for the hatch, it is comprised of: 20x Footman Loop Tie-downs, 10x Single Slot Hook, 10x Double Slots Hook, 10x Cam Buckle, 10x Strap Keepers, 12x Grossgrain Ribbon Straps.


That looks excellent dude, I am loving your work. Great job, can’t wait for the finished product

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Excellent upgrades.

Is the Pelican case a solid piece, or does it open?

That’s just a file I found I online. It doesn’t open. I have ordered a sniper rifle Pelican case which opens. I think a long rifle case looks more badass here plus maybe a rugsack, backpack or something soft.