HMMWV Humvee rotating turret

Not another Humvee you say. But here’s something different- a major mod to the 21st Century RC HMMWV. I’m tearing out the guts and replacing with hobby grade components, ditched the comical Tow launcher and replacing it with a 3D printed rotating turret. A smoke generator pumps smoke through a rather complex plumbing system to the barrel and a sound card plays the actual recording of an M2 Browning firing. The plan is to blink out the vehicle with more scale details and a fully animatronic gunner.


That is just crazy! Real cool work!
You shoud add a LED light to the gun :slight_smile:

Simply amazing! I hope you will continue to customize the outside and inside of the humvee!

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@onesixtomy ,
I did that for my Apache helicopter. I think it looks fake, not worth the trouble.

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I plan to add more details to the outside. Unfortunately the inside is occupied by the RC chasis and electronics.


Man…all that time designing and making the turret…Way to go!

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