Hobby Expo 2018

Looks like they are just getting underway with setup at the show. Here are some previews from BBICN. User Xzdgb has added some more detailed shots of Soldier Story’s display.


And some more from user 1911:

SIG 516

That 3rd and 4th pic of the HK figure with the SIG is great. Probably niche though :laughing:

Hey they made the effort to at LEAST have a camo color and a more obscure weapon choice this time around!

I love niche and will buy this!

Also this SIG has these mags I am looking for loose for a few years now to complete my SIG552C mod.

Hopefully, we’ll also see some accessories on display like the SCARs a few years back, different colored HGU-56/P helmets or else.

Gotta get two of the 556.

And I will once again state how relieved I am that the ISOF SAW gunner is a regular release.

Seeing the 556 eg is great and also the other figures. However this makes me wonder if they will ever utilize their MP5 mould properly. I mean there is MP5K, rigid stocks, SD5/6 etc.
At least DAM went a bit further, however their MP5s lack truly some detail.

I imagine they’ll do an sdu diver in the future along with DAM since both are in love with copying whatever Hot Toys did in the past. I can’t see them both investing in dive gear and not trying to spin it off into other figures. That being said I’d be well pleased if we could go the next year without seeing another HK (exception for the G28 which I am sure is not far off) or Glock since they have been overused in the last few years. Hence it is nice to see something actually original like the SIG for a change, even if it technically another AR.

We will only see new rifles from them I guess if they start focusing on up to date topics. Otherwise it’s the same old.
Bren and GIGN seem like they go well together. Would be sold out after a few days in western countries as a figure.

Weapons are the first thing dealers and customers look at when deciding to order but the rest of the package matters too. Too many reused parts kills sales and dealer orders as well.

If dealers in China are going to continue to want to sell a weapon for $50-60 you can bet that the weapon choice makes or breaks a figure sales-wise. One of the problems is we’ll go an entire year or two where a given weapon has 5+ releases across a couple of brands for a figure. I can appreciate they want to recover/optimize tooling costs, but this also leads to buyer fatigue. An original subject + newly done weapon is part of what drove DAM’s success with the Russian line.

How is that? That’s half the figure in HK for some releases. Is that aimed at foreign buyers?

True, but some are lacking “basic” features nowadays.

Not aimed at anyone in particular. Just a reflection of the consequences of brands reusing too many parts which results in the rest of loose gear not selling, which is problematic in China given the number of dealers. It is going to become more of an issue as people push to raise the retail prices of figures while part counts decrease and more gear is reused. The price creep we’ve seen over the last year is having negative effects on the market and this is one of the early symptoms along with decreased orders.

But that sounds quite like a vicious circle. Only way back is to stop being greedy and handle it like a few years ago?

There are some positive trends to look at as well, like the idea of including two primary weapons with a figure or improving the quality of certain items like bodies. Brands can look at adding things that have a relatively low cost for them but higher perceived value to the customer to help offset the price increases.

Other than that give products a chance to breathe. Variety is the way to go. Releasing the same subject matter constantly over the course of a year doesn’t keep customers interested unless they are super enthusiasts for that niche. Bit of a tough choice as brands often want to repeat a successful figure/niche. Not sure we needed to see 5 different FBI figures within a year however.