Hobby Expo China 2019, 19th - 21st April

It’s coming soon. If you should have any images, feel free to post here.

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Seems like Soldier Story is the only 1/6 exhibitor, unless some other company featured is written in Mandarin only


Good news y’all, pictures from the expo are out and the Wulong 1962 RPD gunner has been designated SS122.

Hopefully this will be a general release.

(BBICN source)


Next announcements, we can see:

SS111 US Army 28th Infantry Division Ardennes 1944
SS119 Greman Grenadier East Russian 1945
SS122 Chinese soldier (with RPD ??)
SS124 DPV (Diver Propulsion Vehicle)

Still can’t wait for Voodoo.

Looks like a bunch of new novel Chinese figures. Pretty excited about that re-release of Soldier Story’s Type-56-2 underfolder, and that RPG looks awesome as well. Very into this evolving late 1980s theme.

I like the SS123 and SS124. Also, they seem to reissue the Cinese Type-56 rifles, which is a positive thing. The armor suit is 1/12???

Hmm a lot of old prototypes and 1/12. They’ve really lost their mojo and their development cycle is letting DAM run away with the market. At least there were no Ghosbusters to be seen.

It’s the SS111 US Army 28th Infantry Division Ardennes 1944

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Still missing SS114, SS117, SS120 and SS121! :thinking:

Armor Suit Ref. SSF-001 is 1/6… announced for at least 2 years …

Some shots from a different angle, (no BBICN)

Some official Sodier Story (Facebook Source) … I love the displays …:heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

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So this is 1/6. Good to know, considering it has interesting parts. Didn’t really see the 1/6 marking on the tag before.

Some or all of the five PLA figures shown together, are old releases, I think. If they are re-releasing those, I’d like to grab a couple I had missed.
Now, if they will just do some Vietnamese, and a Cold War Russian or two.

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In the picture of the 5 PLA figures, there are 4 old figures (SS070-SS056-SS015-SS011) and 1 new release SS122.

Their (former) OEM makes a PUBG knock off/unlicensed release and then Soldier Story licenses the property to make virtually the same figure. The circle is complete. I wonder how long they have been holding on to that license… :man_facepalming: