Hobby Nuts VSS Vintorez Coming


Missed this one on their Facebook page.


Hopes up for this, but I wasn’t impressed by Hobby Nut’s quality so far. Their XM25 was garbage. Did they improve over time? If yes, they should do a S3Rm, too.


Haven’t tried any of their more recent products myself. The older ones use a thinner plastic which can make them a bit more fragile so hopefully they have improved that.


Exactly that was the problem!


I’ve got the Sideshow VSS and it’s oversized like all their weapons are. The mag is an odd shape and not correct as well. Still it’s a neat piece. I’d be interested in picking up one of these if it turns out any good.


Sideshow had a lot of unique weapons some time ago, before other brands caught up on the Masada or Tavor e.g.
Unfortunately, Sideshow never cared for proper scale, paint jobs or a lot of moving parts/features.


Val is coming as well. Would not be surprised to see the SR-3M as well to round out the 9x39.


Do I see a spring in there?081dcbc59d4d5c5302e61125c2fa58ce01f9dbbd_1_690x388


No spring…


Given that they are already going to produce a standard vintorez, and given their very specific choices in modifications to this Val rifle, including the older pattern collapsible forward grip and non-rail mounted laser sight, are they producing those prototyped KGB weapons we saw a few years ago?


Not sure but the similarities are there. Hobby Nuts has shown 3D models of the in progress works so I would tend to think they are newer. From what I have seen they design all of their own product.


Haven’t seen any information released yet. Depending on pricing/availability I’ll have a look.


Visually speaking those are looking quite good and coming along nicely.


Wow, that Vintorez looks like it has a real wooden stock and that As Val just looks awesome as well.


These are coming along nicely.


Yeah that’s just awesome.


How about an SVD, guys?


Would be nice to see an updated one along with a SVU.


It is sort of surprising that we haven’t yet seen a contemporary period sniper or designated marksman in all of the nearly twenty modern Russian figures and gear sets released since 2014.


I missed out on the Dam Toys one, so I’ll have to give this one a go.


One of those weapons I am a sucker for, have each one made (so far), including an early scratch-build by Dave70b.

I agree, somebody needs to step up on sniper rifles, both a newer SVD, and the more modern long guns.