Hobbyist/collector in pain

Something off topic for in between 1/6 conversations

This is one of the many reasons I have no interest in having kids.

LOL! My kids have always been good around my military figures…but that maybe because they are all GIRLS! LOL! We have other kids who come to the house (orphans kids, my wife runs an orphanage). Luckily the computer is in the room and I am on it until the kids go to sleep, so no worries there…I hope…LOL!

No need for any children. Last time my father was charging my DML AUG, he broke off the charging handle. Now he hesitates touching any of my 1/6 stuff :smile:

Man it is the parents you need to worry about, I swear parenting has gone out the window these days or parents rely on youtube videos for parenting skills.

No problems with my kid, he knows the difference between pokemon and collectibles :laughing:

This is the true lurking danger. As my Dad’s eyesight gets worse I have to watch what he handles. He has a particular habit of jabbing at every screen like it is an ipad now.

There are children unpacking toys on youtube and are making a fortune by other children watching them playing with these toys. Some parents call their iPhone “iNanny” therefore.

Those DML Steyr…I broke one off maybe 10 years ago… Very fragile.