Holy grail P.M.C 07 version.

Well guys here is my H/G p.m.c operator 07version from hot toys. I posted under kit bash because I changed a few things like the A.K.M for a M4 and his black back pack for a lighter ranger brown color . And a few other little things that are different from the original. Don’t get me wrong I love the original but some times we can’t help our self .l also bashed out a team mate for him ( old dog young pup ) All ways good to have a buddy write. Anyway I hope you guys like these two as much as I do , and for a figure from 07 that has never been open it was in mint condition except the strap on the goggles broke and that is why he has a black pair. Well thanks fellas hope you enjoy. Rock on.


Don’t mean anything by this but what about this makes it your holy grail? It’s not my cup of tea so I have no opinion. Im just interested why others love this set so much.

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For me mate it’s a figure I have always wanted and found hard to get for the write $ . And I love the p.m.c in jeans and causal clothes look also I think it has a great h/ s , and I love the old school hot toys military figures which I don’t have any of. So there it is mate I hope that helps you out a little, thanks for the Q .


Wow! An old HT head sculpt! This is great! Especially the photos!

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Yeah thank you. I like the whole PMC look as well. Enjoy the figure.

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Very cool. I still like seeing these older HT military figures. Some were just very well done, and this one was one of the better ones, even if there were some issues with things like the weapons.

I missed out on it when it was originally released, because it sold out quickly. There was also another Ltd Edition expo type as well that has a SAW, and the Dominic Purcell head. I got one of these as payment for helping to sell off a bunch of a friends 1:6 stuff when he was getting rid of most of his collection.

This figure was loosely based on a Special Forces operator in Afghanistan, and the pics were posted widely back in about 2005 or so. It was probably one of the first PMC figures, and one of the first bearded military figures, and was a hot seller. There are also some pics of him in a 3 colour desert uniform and gear as well.


That’s so cool dude, I have seen that photo hundreds of times. And always wounded who and when! Correct me if I’m wrong but I’m sure Adam ( leader) uses something similar as his emoji. Also I would love to get that saw gunners figure to.

Great payment for helping a mate out :+1:


Very nice. Your post had me looking for one of my own, but sadly can’t find one in good enough condition to justify the price.

So until I do I’ll just enjoy these pics, cheers mate!

Cool mate I’m glad you like the post. And good luck with hunting one down warden I hope you find one dude. All the best!:+1:

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