Hot Toys GIGN (updated)

It’s basically both GIGN figures from HT with replaced SS2.5 bodies and SS099 hands. The SS ankle pegs fit the molded boots perectly. The heads are from the SS094 and SS104.

The team leader got an additional MP5K, holster and G-17 and NVG from DAM. I swapped some pouches on the vest with my former second GIGN Assaulter.

The assaulter has its backpack tranformed into a buttpack in which contains the gas mask now as the drop leg pouch in his left could never fit it. I added two frag grenades and built this particular holster myself by combining a painted DAM holster with the ES viking grenadier adapter. Having the right leg cleared, which gave space for a Very Hot drop leg pouch for the extra long P90 mags as I kind of disliked the double mag pouch attached to his chest/front.

Looks good chpo. That revolver is a neat piece.