Decided to throw my MEF together:


Really cool looking figure, but my god, an absolute bear to assemble. At a glance, nothing seemed too out of the ordinary (although there were a few parts that I wasn’t too familiar with) - just some good old-fashioned MOLLE work. Well, let me tell you, the conciseness of that statement belied the enormity of the task.

A bulk of the complications I ran into stemmed from Hot Toys’ choice to embed each of the MOLLE threads with brass buttons, which made even gripping the thread with tweezers difficult, not to mention trying to pincer it through the straps (which were far too narrow to easily accomodate the button) on the vest/panel. I get these serve a purpose in real life (to secure the pouch), but there was nothing to fasten them to on the figure, so all they did was take up valuable space. Between constantly having to regrip the strip and trying to thread a solid piece of mass through a tiny gap, this guy took me around 11 hours to put together yesterday. Makes me appreciate the relative ease of assembly we have with the figures nowadays. Reward in the end of was worth it, though! Major props to you guys who did this back in the day, I don’t know how you put up with it.


I love the two I have. I have the OD and Tan but I agree, they are a pain to put together. I lack the box for the OD version so he stays together full time. My tan has the box so I pack him away whenever I move, I lack space where I am now so I don’t have him out. I dread having to put him back together one day.

It’s a grind for sure, but the MEFs do look good on a shelf. They’ve held up well IMO.

lol, guess mine’s staying in the box then. Looks great together though.

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