How to close cracks/gaps to fix unaligned handguards?

I need to help to acquire the above result without holding it in place. I considered several options already, but want to prevent having visible gluse stains all over the place.

Removing handguard not possible without breaking it off.

Hair dyer - give gun a blast (get it nice n hot) - hold part in place u want it to stay in (1/2 mins)

Maybe repeat for correct position

Good luck

Thanks, will give it a try!

Forgot - another method on same theme - is put rifle into boiling water, take out and push/hold part into place. Again hold in place 1/2 mins

I tend not to use this method as its messy.


Glue Dot on the inside and under the barrel and then pressed up against it [the barrel], or Scotch grey “mounting putty” [like blue fun tac, only grey].

Thanks you two @BigD @BravoBob. Will check out both when I got time!


I tried @BigD 's method with a hair drier first as it didn’t require buying any material and worked like a charm.

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