'Hunting ISIS' on HIST channel

If you haven’t seen it, I think it is definitely worth it. American and other nations’ volunteers in the fighting in Syria and Iraq. Some are part of YPG combat units, others are medics/EMTs following Iraqi forces. History Channel has a deserved reputation for some bad, and misplaced shows, but this one affords a look at unpaid foreign volunteers, who make their way to the fighting, and attempt to take the fight to ISIS. Much like those who served in places like Spain in the civil war, and other fights between the wars, they are driven by their convictions.
The footage shows not only these men, but also the Iraqi and Kurdish troops, as well as their amazing variety of equipment, uniforms, and weapons. The terrain and features of the battlefields, as well as the ever-shifting plans and operations, are detailed, too.

With the upcoming release of DAM’s Iraqi SOF figures, there is much potential for adding YPG and volunteer figures, as well as bashing up some. It would also be nice to see further heavy weapons done, as they are often present, in what is essentially a grunt’s war.

I will definitely check it out! Thanks Mike!

Was wondering if this was any good. Thanks for the heads up on this Mike, I’ll give this a watch. The Syrian conflict as a whole is rich material for future figures.