I found something new E&S MK16 Mod0

I just found this out! There is a muzzle on this! The silencer is sooo tight that I thought it was just part of the barrel, but AH HA! It is not!

Now if you have this rifle and think it will be simple to take off the silencer…think again… I broke of the muzzle with the silencer attached on 2 of the 3 rifles. The 3 rifle silencer came off easily. The first one with a little muscle I got off. The second one is stuck in the silencer, as you can see I am trying to fix it, because this rifle is no joke (price wise)! You would think E&S would have addressed this problem…but unfortunately they have not.

So it is your choice…silencer/muzzle-barrel or all 2 separated…


Hey Dave. I don’t have this rifle, but if the suppressor is bored out all the way through, you might try poking a metal rod through the muzzle end to push the flash hider (and the rest of the rifle!) free of the suppressor. I’ve done that for stuck suppressors on other weapons.

Tried that…LOL! I have to think of something else…