Identification of ref pics

Hy guys,

Someone can help me to identify this operator, please ?

Which unit and which period and location ?

THX in advance for your feedback.


If i made some research by GOOGLE IMAGE, it tells :

Jared W. Day
Gold Sqd.
Information Systems Technician 1st Class (TECH)

It was DEVGRU or not ?

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Your’re right.

It’s Jared W. Day (KIA), Informations Systems Technican 1st Class. He was assigned to NSWDG’s Gold Squadron as Mission Support Site Tactical Communicator and was aboard Extortion 17 which was shot down in Afghanistan on August 6, 2011.
The one in the middle, 2nd photo, is SEAL CPO Adam Lee Brown (KIA). He died March 18, 2010.
So I think the photos could be from their Afghanistan deployment 2008/2009.


THX a lot @oso2013.

So when you say, he was assigned to DEVGRU Gold Squadron, Jared W. Day was a DEVGRU or just a SEAL ?

No DEVGRU, no SEAL…a sailor (with special qualifications) assigned to DEVGRU.

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