In development in the real world, plastic disintegrating links

Ukraine working on plastic disintegrating links for machine guns.

Since they are clear, but options like black are planned, possible new life for old plastic 1/6 belts and future printed links.

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I wonder if they would get all melty and nasty in a sustained firing situation, or if they are one of those nifty thermoplastics that need a higher heat to melt.

I also wonder what the weight saving are, if any.

I couldn’t get the audio to work on my computer for some reason.

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I’m going with the “decent thermoplastics” possibility, maybe covered under the “space age plastics” umbrella.

Heat factors could possibly be from repeated, rapid cycling thru the action. An overheated barrel might transfer heat back to the receiver, I guess.

Guessing as well, that hot summers and very cold winters would test the material.

Not sure if durable fibrous materials would fit the function and cost requirements.

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