Indonesian mobile brigade corps

The Mobile Brigade Corps or often abbreviated as the Mobile Brigade Corps ** is a paramilitary special operations unit belonging to the National Police. The Brimob Corps is also known as one of the oldest units within the Indonesian Police organization.

These Brimob Rangers troops underwent a test mission in the Cibeber, Ciawi and Cikatomas areas on the Tasikmalaya-Garut border, West Java in 1959. In this assignment they often faced ambushes by DI/TII gangs in large numbers. Anti-guerrilla fighting techniques are tested in this test mission. However, in this test mission finally there were also Rangers members who were not mentally prepared to fight and they finally had to leave the troops.

Gegana is part of the Indonesian National Police (Polri). This troop began to emerge since the disbandment of the Pioneer Regiment in 1972 and the Sat Gegana at Komdak Jakarta on November 14, 1974, even though at that time it was only a detachment. It was only in 1995, with the development of Brimob validation that this unit must have a regiment, was the Gegana Detachment upgraded to become a separate regiment, namely Regiment II Brimob which has now changed its name to Sat I Gegana (2003). Gegana’s main tasks are threefold: overcoming terror, SAR and jihandak (detonation of explosives).


Cool write up, thank you. The last guy looks well geared up. Is that a SIG MPX with a keymod rail?