Interesting bits and pieces from Shot Show

Maybe we’ll see some of these migrate down to 1:6 scale in the future.



Mossberg 590M Shotgun

Desert Tech MDR

Larry Vickers is the man. Love the look of the new HK and SCAR-SC

This will hopefully replace the 416 soon and gives us new 1/6 rifles.

I don’t think it will replace the 416 as it is intended as a lower cost alternative to the 416 and more of a direct replacement for the G36.

Crye Gen 4 Uniform:



My bad. I remember I read this once. Wouldn’t be that bad either.

Man those gen 4’s are ugly.

They are sure causing some split opinions. They moved to an all stretch material which means the stretch panels on the pants are gone, so quite a different look. The knee pads are more resilient but look a bit funky.

Yeah, they’re just ugly. lol