Iraq Forces (Soldiers and Special Forces)

I publish some pictures of the equipment / men of the Iraqi Forces … maybe to give some information to those who will buy the SoldierStory SS-107 or who will want to make a kitbash …


Great pics! Little bit concerned about that guy prodding for UXO with his Gerber though, that’s a strange choice.

I posted a number of pics of these guys in black, on operations, on OSW. Just making a point that Soldier Story was working from real examples. Shows how long back that was, I’m still waiting for these to show up, in CONUS.
These guys are running a lot of expensive gear, and uniforms, and appear to be well-funded and supplied. I am just conjecturing, but I get the impression that a lot of the Iraqi troops are still wearing whatever they can get, and using dated weapons.

Looks like it’s the 600 DET version, and he’s using the punch made for opening a primer hole in C4, to probe for a mine, or IED. Gerber also makes mine probes, which have titanium sections, and a non-conductive tip, which he must not have.

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Cool pics, very informative for bashing purposes. I do wish they would include some older weapons with these releases, perhaps as a backup to the Western primaries. It would be great to see an AMD-65, A Romanian AKM, or maybe an M-70b finally produced in 1/6.

Here are the 3 pictures I have about training in search of mines :blush:

Nice pictures. They must really love their patches :smile:


Nice pictures. They must really love their patches

A friend, who used to do 1:6, operated with SOFs in Afghanistan and Iraq, and dealt with various local units. The patches are valued, as well as other high-speed gear, and even particular “shades”. Looking like an operator seems to be the point. They are not alone in that.
Likely, the “grey man” option is used in certain circumstances, by various individuals and units/ teams of other nations.

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Some new photos … for the variety of the material


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Nice pics. INB4 the “why’s he got an airsoft mask on?”, it’s used to protect against light frag and splinters, obscure the identity, and of course, look cool.


Some money being spent, gearing up these troops.

I think especially to protect his identity …

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As an aside they’ve often used airsoft replicas on their rifles. One of the OEM’s in China that knocks offs furniture, mounts, and optics does a substantial amount of business with importers there.

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