Is anyone else having trouble accessing the site?

Please see title.

I haven’t been able to get connected on my desktop PC for the last 3 days, only on my Mac laptop. Curious to hear if other members have experienced similar problems.

I have no problems to log in. It works with Windows desktop PC and Androit devices. Are you getting any error message? Perhaps a pop up blocker or settings in your virus protection program?

No unscheduled network outages on the provider end in the last month so likely something local on your end. Try flushing the dns on your PC (command prompt ipconfig /flushdns) and see if that resolves it.

Tried it but no joy…

If it is working on one device but not the other I’d take a look at the browser you are using (update/try alternate), any extensions (disable and test), as well as checking to see if java is up to date on your pc. Nuke the browser cache as well.

Followed your suggestions and everything’s back to normal. Thanks Adam!

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