'ISIS Hunter' images

A few I found yesterday, when I was image searching “Hunting ISIS”. In the vast cast of participants in fighting in Iraq and Syria, there’s good guys and bad guys enough for everyone, as well as gray area types.
With the Russians involved, it’s only natural that some of KGB’s and DAM’s stuff will fit right in, for local forces, and “volunteers/advisors”.


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That last pic of the patch is great. Wish someone would make that in 1:6, would be a nice addition for some of my bashes.


The guy at onesixthscaleking.com will definitely transform that patch into 1/6 scale if you email him a picture. Don’t know if that helps, but it’s an option.

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OnSixthScaleKIng was going to be my first choice for that custom job. I’ve ordered from them in the past and their work’s pretty awesome. I own patches from the Azov & Vostok battalions (Ukraine civil war) as well as the YPG/YPJ militias made by them and was quite happy with the results.

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