ISOF - The Golden Division, Mosul, 2017

Another bash, this time - not a Russian!

Iraqi Special Operations Forces ( ISOF ) ( قوات العمليات الخاصة العراقية‎), commonly known as the Golden Division, is a special forces unit created by coalition forces after the 2003 invasion. ISOF, directed by the Iraqi Counter Terrorism Service, consists of the Iraqi Counter Terrorism Command, which has three brigades subordinate to it. The Counter Terrorism Service (Jihaz Mukafahat al-Irhab, originally translated as Counter Terrorism Bureau) is funded by the Iraqi Ministry of Defence. (From Wiki)
This figure is based off of an ISOF operator during the massive Battle of Mosul, 2016-17. Apparently ISOF was one of the only local units to hold their ground during the first ISIL offensives, and as a consequence suffered terrible losses.

ISOF uses a unique mix of leftover American kit (weapons systems, pouches, vehicles), knockoff Chinese kit (uniforms, some weapon components), and other miscellaneous pieces. One of the trademarks of ISOF is lots of patches. American kit - plate carriers in particular - are highly coveted items; 5.11 in particular seems to have sent large quantities of kit to different Iraqi units. Due to ISOF’s vehicle-centric tactics, most operators carry lots of ammo and not much else - water and rats get left on the trucks.


  • Boots: Merrell MOAB Ventilators (ES)
  • Fatigues: Chinese Type 07 Arid, Crye cut (SS)
  • Gloves: Oakley SI gloves, black (DAM)
  • Patches: miscellaneous ISOF/moto (SS)
  • Neck: Shemagh (ACI)
  • Balaclava: ISOF Skull, misc (SS)

1st Line

  • Belt: 5.11 Maverick rigger’s, MC (DAM)
  • Dump: BlackHawk! 37CL117 Roll-up, tan (DAM)
  • Ammo pouch: High Ground Gear Triple M4/Pistol carrier, tan (SS)
  • Flashbang: Tac Tailor FB pouch, tan (DAM)
  • Lanyard: BlackHawk! Personal Retention cord + carabiner, tan (DAM)
  • Holster: SERPA CQC (H&K USP), camo (ES)

2nd Line

  • Armour: 5.11 Tac Tec, tan (DAM)
  • Mags: 3x ITW FastMag Gen 3, grey (DAM)
  • 40mm (front): 2x USGI grenade pouches, tan (SS)
  • 40mm (rear): 2x BlackHawk! grenade pouches, tan (SS)
  • Radio: Motorola, black (SS)
  • Buddy mags: USGI MOLLE II M4 mag pouch (double stacked), ACU (SS)
  • SAW pouch: BlackHawk! SAW pouch, tan (SS)


Rifle: Sig Sauer M400, 10", camo (PH)

  • Stock: CAR15 + buttpad (PH)
  • Irons: Troy BUIS, black + tan (ES)
  • PEQ: AN/PEQ 2, camo (DAM)
  • Foregrip: KAC, camo (DAM)
  • Optic: EOTech 551, camo (SS)
  • Grip cover: USGI ⅓ rail cover, camo (DAM)
  • Mags: 8x USGI 30r, 1x USGI 20r (SS)
  • Sling: BlackHawk! Universal AR sling, OD (DAM)

Sidearm: H&K USP (DAM)


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Looks real good Canuck. I like the M4.

Great! Looks awesome…the head sculpt fits perfect!

Head sculpt is good (as is the rest of the bash)…almost a young Telly Savalas.

Thanks guys. I was initially going to have him wearing the skull mask in all the pics, but realized that the “Jon Bernthal” sculpt from VTS is pretty well-suited to the subject matter. Glad you like!

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I truly like this one, and the uniform looks good. In commercial photos, it looked a bit bright to me. Did you darken, or weather it?

The development of patches seemed to play a part in the buildup of Afghan ANA units, too. billpete told me that high-speed shades were also highly valued there. US and Allied SOFs definitely inspired a lot of these guys.

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Thanks man! Nope, this uniform arrived recently and I didn’t change anything. As for the ANA - I can imagine. A lot of these “partner forces” seem to love collecting Western kit/emulating Western SOF.

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