Israeli soldiers

Hi all

Is this a kitbash? I would say yes. Took the D&K Workshop figure - replaced head and body as (a) just did not like headsculpt (b) new body was a weak point from historic online reviews.

I like to collect unique modern stuff rather than more US tier 1 stuff or the Chinese stuff which was nice but now getting a bit much. Some other countries special forces/standard grunts would be good.

Had my eye on D&K Israeli fig, managed to get one boxed, so happy, went back for parts to complete two figures. Really happy with D&K finish.

For me this bash underlines if you get the right head, it makes the figure. In this case the head from DAM FBI HRT figure. straight away it worked, has the Israeli look and a mature NCO vib. I just stepped back and though YES that works. Second figure has Jason Strentham head sculpt kinda works, gives a nice old/young vibe to the set.

Oh call out to the Hot toys M4, I loved rifle range they did. I was out of hobby when they got released, or other wise would have got most of them (love a 1/6 gun, my recent credit card bill supports this!).

Maybe get some tactical gloves to finish off figures. I am not sure, do Israeli grunts use gloves that much? Looking at online images they tend to not use gloves.


Wow this is a really cool figure :metal:t2:

Nice work BigD. :+1:

That M4 was one of the better ones. It wasn’t one of the oversized early versions, and had a lot of nice details.