Issues with shipments from HK

Hello guys.

Anyone have had a y issues with packages sent to a different country? I’m waiting for a package that was sent since December. Was caught in the middle of the shipping restrictions from HK to different countries, and once it was sent, didn’t arrive to Mexico but to the Netherlands…

Don’t know what to expect, have been refunded but not sure if the package will eventually be delivered to me or is it really lost???

For me, ordered figure SS121 on Ebay, tracking no longer available since Jan 14th. and seems to still be in China… just waiting. :relaxed:

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I have not had any issues via ebay. Just extended shipping at times. Fingers crossed it shows up!

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I live in the US and a retailer in HK said they were going to hold a package for me and send it when the US shipping restrictions are lifted in a few weeks. I completed payment in December, but it wasn’t the store’s fault.

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Thanks for the heads-up. In my case, package was sent using the long ride due flight restrictions. Hopefully it will get here someday…

Good to hear! Thanks for the info

UPDATE. Package has arrived to the post office today. It wil be delivered tomorrow, or maybe I’ll take a hike and go get it in person. Let’s hope everything is fine and nothing is missong/broken.

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Packages that have a long distance to the destination country usually makes a stop to a secondary country. In your case, Holland. Mine, it depends. Usually on the east coast of the US, Korea to Russia then on to the US. West coast straight to the US. It all depends on the carriers.

What I was told from HK post is that they had to use a different route this time due pandemic issues at the beginning of the year. Good notice is that they will be delivering the package today.

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