JAE-100 G3 M1A/M14 Rifle Chassis - J. Allen Enterprises



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E&S would have been foolish to not reuse the JAE chassis.


@Scrib Can we have a 26025 style M14 with a longer barrel, that doesn’t require modding work and only switching parts? Couldn’t remove the barrel.
Other option, switching the top rail?

The barrels are all swappable within the Doom’s Day set, and so is the VLTOR rail system the black one/“C” is fitted with. I crafted a black one with the longer 22” barrel (and a green one with the shorter 16” barrel). The barrels are held in with weak glue.

As for the 26025 SOCOM 16…you can see in my M14 drawer that I do have one with the longer barrel (donated from an M39 EMR), but I had to break the barrel and upper receiver out to do a proper swap. Very firm glue…

Much sweating and cursing was involved if I remember correctly. I may not have done the custom work in the most efficient manner, and I am in no hurry to repeat the process.

The upside is that if you want a black M14/M1A barrel, it is doable. Both of the Doom’s Day M1As with the 22” barrel have a stainless finish on said barrel. Good luck finding one of those M39s now though…