Jægerkorpset (Danish Hunstman Corps) SF Operator, Nigeria 2019

Finally! An excuse to use my beautiful S&S Plateframe.

Plus Esse Quam Simultatur (Rather to be, than to seem).

The Jaeger Corps traces its origins to 1785 when the corps was first formed as the “Jaeger Corps of Zealand”. Facing emerging threats from Sweden, Prussia, and Great Britain, Denmark created a light infantry force from hunters and woodsmen. The corps existed in various forms until it was remade in its current form in 1962 when Major P.B. Larsen and First Lieutenant Jørgen Lyng became the first two to complete the training. (Wiki) Lately, the Jaegers have seen action all across the Middle East and West Africa.

Always wanted to make a 1/6th Jaeger. Unfortunately, most Western SOF units all look the same lately, but I think I’ve managed to make this one somewhat unique. The Plateframe PC is probably the most distinctive piece of Jaeger kit, especially since they wear MC and use AR-pattern rifles (C8s I believe?). This figure represents a Jaeger participating in partner-force (PF) training exercises in Nigeria.

Jaegerkorpset Operator Loadout


  • Footwear - Scarpa Kailash GTX, grey (SS)
  • Pants - Crye GEN 3, MC (DAM)
  • Shirt - Velocity Systems Boss Rugby, black, w/ Mandalorian/Skull patches (ES)
  • Mask - Blue flame neck gaiter UA (SS)
  • Shades - Oakley SI (ES)
  • Comms - Peltor Comtacs, OD (DAM)
  • Hat - BlackHawk! ballcap w/ Operator patch, black (ACI?)
  • GPS - Garmin 401 (ES)

1st Line

  • Belt - Ronin Senshi, AOR2 (SS)
  • Pistol mags - EI double 9mm, tan (SS)
  • AR mag - G-Code Scorpion AR, tan (ES)
  • Gerber pouch - TT pistol mag pouch, MC (SS)
  • IFAK - LBT 9022 IFAK, MC (DAM)
  • Frag - TMC Grenade Holster (DIY)
  • Holster - Safariland w/ thigh strap, MC (ES)
  • IR - chemlight bundle (ES)

2nd Line

  • PC - S&S Plateframe carrier, tan (ES)
  • Dangler - Ferro Concepts Dangler, MC (ES)
  • AR mags - Ferro Concepts KTAR flap, MC (DIY)
  • Comms - PRC 148 w/ PTT, JPC lefthand wing pouch, MC (ES)
  • Spare mags - Crye righthand wing pouch, MC (ES)


  • Pistol - H&K USP (DAM)
  • Rifle - Colt Canada C8SFW, DD fore-end, Aimpoint COMPM4, Eotech magnifier, Surefire light, PEQ15, Magpul grip, Warden blast comp (ES + DAM + SS)

Jaegerkorpset Operator



(Mix of Jaegers and Frogmen)


Looks real good Canuck. I like the look of that Plateframe as well.

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Great Danes! They look like they show up, drop the hammer, and move on to the next issue.
Well done!

When I seen this was from canuck, I was like "get ready for military school dazza time to learn " and was not let down. Top bash top job top class once again. :+1:

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Thanks all! As always, I’m glad the research is appreciated

WOW!!! Amazing canuck, I have barely seen any operators using an S&S Plateframe.

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Thank you! Yeah it’s basically Jaegers, NSWDG and CANSOF from what I’ve seen.

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Cool figure.

Great choice of gear, and ref pics.

You need to whip up a matching Nigerian fellow with that Tavor in the background to match now.

That dude with the .50cal is letting someone have it. Got the barrel glowing. Some serious target practice.

Just out of curiosity, do you keep your customs whole, or do you break them down after photos to make the next figure?

Agreed, pretty cool photos.

I always break them down, I only have about 7-8 1/6th bodies in circulation.

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Great work Canuck your work is brilliant :thinking:


Much appreciated! Been on a bit of a work-imposed 1/6th hiatus but hoping to be back soon

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