John A Chapman kitbash

After getting to know more about his story and his remarkable actions that got him the MoH I am wondering if you guys could help me out with this potential kitbash…

He was an CCT assigned to a seal team in 2002… I am a bit clueless what his gear set would look like besides his rifle and BDU…


I have just found this photo from him:

For Equipment Details there are much better experts here than me.
The will a movie about his story. Actor Jake Gyllenhaal will portray him.


Years ago at a Weekend of Heroes, there was supposed to be a two-figure boxed set of Chapman and Cunningham. If I remember correctly, it was rushed, and had issues with the paint (uncured and a strong smell).

A statue of Chapman was dedicated at Pope Army AFB, The images I found might help with your bash. Three color desert ACU and looks like some black webbing items.

Chapman MOH statue


This is the best I found doing some research on this fallen hero. Hope it helps.

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This is great! Thank you. This kitbash is planned for one time.