Just for grins, Ralphie's blaster...

Mark Powter (Chippy, on OSW) has been getting back into bashing more Nam subjects. Full Metal Jacket characters, and building from Kevin Lyles’ book on US uniforms in Vietnam.
He has gotten finished, or close, on Pvt Joker, and Animal Mother, and is moving to other members of the unit. I stumbled onto a 1/6 scale Red Ryder bb gun, which “Crazy Earl” carried, in the book, and movie. I took a chance, and ordered it, and it arrived today.

Mark is pretty excited, and so am I. I’ll mail it out to him, tomorrow.

I am guessing it might be from a “Christmas Story” figure, maybe Sideshow (???).
Anyhow, since we have our fair share of firearms enthusiasts here, I am sharing a few phone pics I snapped, to email to Mark, as confirmation.

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