Kabul Maternity Clinic Attack May 12 2020

Some more pictures from the multinational response.


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These two are speculated to be DEVGRU with the backpack guy fielding a Noveske rifle being trialed as a replacement for the 416. The handguard appears to line up based on the pixel deciphering by another user:


I wonder if this is based on a KillShock Recon 1:5 scale RC platform, or something similar?

RC recon ve

Based on the shape it definitely seems to be a modified RC unit. I suppose it is more discrete than other options we’ve seen.

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Video of Russian SCARAB system, in Iraq -

Leading me to observe that there needs to be a figure of the Russian Arid uniform, helmet cover, BA, and web gear.

In addition to the Noveske on the DEVGRU guy you can also see what looks like the P320 X5 which is their rumored new pistol choice. Holster looks like the Safariland 6360RDS or 6390RDS.

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Some more photos of the Noveske rifle from recent Blue Squadron PSD pics:

Parts ID’d by others:

  • Noveske NSR M-LOK rail (9 in)
  • Dead Air Sandman-S Suppressor
  • Magpul MOE SL-K stock, AFG, MVG grips.
  • SU-294/PVS: Squad-Variable Power Scope - Nightforce MIL-SPEC ATACR 1-8x24 F1
  • LA-23/PEQ: Squad Aiming Laser Insight Technology NGAL

Seems odd to me that they’re switching up so many of their firearms.

From what I’ve read the 416 rifles are being replaced within SOCOM due to too many issues with the 416s, specifically issues caused by the gas piston system. The upper receivers have what they consider a high rate of stress cracks over time and various suppressors have had issues running reliably. Same reason the 416c was rejected, the gas piston system was causing failures with the receivers. The suppressor issues in particular have been a subject of complaint across all the HK line in use. I wonder if it is just down to the combinations they use as well as their duty cycle as the 416/417 are pretty widespread in their usage. On the pistol side the gen 5 glocks seem to be getting more widespread adoption with other units, with DEVGRU preferring to stick with the more familiar SIG grip angle.

They probable T&E a lot more than we ever see and I imagine there are a lot of politics driving new acquisitions since the industry recruits guys when they get out to help with solicitations. Personally I think everyone just likes shiny new toys in the end. :laughing:

Ahh, I was wondering what the issues were with the 416. I know it weighs more than the standard M4 platforms but I hadn’t read or have seen anything about what you describe. Their 416’s must be getting used a ton due to operational tempo and training, even so maybe these issues are just coming to light now. I’m sure that those units have tried all the available suppressors like AAC, Surefire, etc so it must just be a design issue with the gun. As for staying with SIG that kinda doesn’t surprise me. The Army and Marines have adopted the 320 the former with the compact version. It is funny though. The SEAL teams just get all the cool new gear. I think that’s why so many 1\6th versions are made, there’s something new on every purported DEVGRU operator that has the misfortune of getting photoed.

Example of one of the types of receiver failure on some of the older models, H&K revised the thread design and reinforced some areas to prevent this particular failure.

Interesting. I wonder how many thousands or tens of thousands of rounds went through that weapon to cause that crack.