Kenya Nairobi incident - Rifle

New take on this one and thread for reference images

@oso2013 supplied the Way of the Gun logo fo rthe sling

With the 26044A E&S came much closer but still a mediocre approach in my opinion.

  • 26044A base rifle
  • 26032 pistol grip
  • 26032 mags
  • 26032 silencer
  • DAMTOYS laser
  • 26044A light w/ 26032 rail adapter painted & 26032 switch painted & HT light cap (not a perfect match)
  • 26044A sling base DIY
  • Stock weathered


Wow! Nicely done. The sling looks great! I’m happy that you was able to use the logo.

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How did you make the sling? Looks awesome.

Those kind of slings would be useful for the LVAW series and the new Noveske Devgru rifles that don’t have sling attachment lugs.

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Yes, we need these.

The two strings come with the 26044A rifle. The tubes to lock the sling are cut from a damaged bipod, rubber at the sling brackets are from a helmet bungee cord, where hook and cord are connected. The brackets itself are trimmed into shape and were initially part of a damaged DID MA1001 SWAT helmet, connecting straps to the helmet.

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Excellent upgrades.

I like how you did the mods to the sling.

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We certainly do need some slings for the LVAWs and Noveske rifles!
It’s a shame that E&S didn’t include any slings with those sets, considerung that these shouldn’t really have had a vast impact on production cost or cost of the final product.
Now, I have to find a solution for the 26040S, 26044C and 26044S.
Some QD swivel rings for attachment to the stock would be nice, I hope to be able to source some from the 26045 figures loose without having to buy the whole rifle…
Or maybe, I will have to try to make some myself from scratch.

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Unfortunately, ES slings are compared to their rifles really uninspired and low quality with the same buckles over and over again. They would as of now never create anything close to the Nairobi sling or anything that SS is creating for all of their rifles.

Figuring out scratch building some sling mounts is on my to do list. Thinking about some train modelling plastic rod and sourcing some metal wire.

These really should be included in multiples with every set I think. I would buy a pack of 50 if they were available from some enterprising individual :laughing:



What I would prefer are sling mount that plug directly into the slots on MLOK, Keymod, and LVAW rails so that I don’t have to use up picatinny rail sections for those. I know E&S has made some for some of the SMG model sets, so it’s a matter of hoping those get included with some of their own releases. The peg style QD mounts can be used with my various stocks, though some of them may have to be modified to some degree in order to accept the mounts. Alternatively, I could have the slings mounted on the rear of the receivers for my 416s and LVAWs, while on my M110 and LMG I could mount one end to the receiver and the other to the stock.

@Warden: I agree with you, fully!
They should include at least 2 or 3 of these qd attachments to every set and figure.
I would also happily buy at least two dozen of these if anyone offerde them.
Let us know when you have figured out a way to build these from scratch.

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