Kept you waiting, huh? Scrib's Figure Collection

The link:

Now I do have some cool/rare figures, but I have decided to focus almost exclusively on weapons for the past while. So you’ll notice a near total absence of recently released figures.

As usual…questions? Fire away!


I am quite surprised. I expected a lot of military figures after seeing your rifles. Also most of your figures are the older generation. Some of the DML figures I didn’t even know exist. The Ghillie suit for example.

Thanks for sharing. Due to this hobby’s nature there will be constant updates necessary though :wink:

Hey, there’s a reason I refer to the weapons as the pride of my collection!

Budgetary concerns over the past while have led me to stick mainly to weapons. Link, Ada Wong, the custom Jill Valentine, custom HUNK, custom mercenary heavy gunner, and VTS Tracy are the only figures I’ve put together/acquired in the past few years. I’ve got a great job now but will soon be saving up for the $800 Lego Millennium Falcon.

As a Lego fan, a Star Wars fan, and a Lego Star Wars fan, there’s no way I can pass on it.

There was a period in the first few years after I started the hobby where I hunted down rare/iconic DML figures. I think a lot of them are still unique enough to stand the test of time!

To be fair, I can understand that the wider your interest in collecting is, the less money is left for one hobby. Star Wars might be quite expensive, because you’re always also paying for the license.

DML and Hot Toys back then did awesomely nice and detailed figures. I also have some Hot Toys and Medicom figures. I only replaced some dated parts by newer equipment.

I just googled your Millennium Falcon and one is going for almost USD 5000 on ebay. Is that a special version?

That’s probably the original UCS Falcon from 2007 (item no. 10179).

The new one (item no. 75192) just came out a few months ago and retails for $800 USD.

Isn’t that the truth. I find many collectors end up really narrowing their focus for these reasons, especially with figures running up to the $2-400 mark depending on what you collect. For myself I try to keep boxed figures to specific areas then just focus on the loose parts that are of interest.

Interesting mix of figures. I’m surprised as well that they’re quite varying and not solely military related.

That’s the way, I guess. I already wonder how much money people would’ve to spend who collect every nation of military figures, like US, Russian etc.
Just imagine you’re an Iron Man fan :rofl: Where are they now? Mk LX? 60 times USD 250?

@Scrib Hi, when will be your next update? After the Kriss and AK sets? Just went thought them again to spot more details.

The best answer I can give you is “whenever I feel like it.” Sorry! I’m not waiting for a particular release or anything.

I have updated the album!

One question abou the FBI CIRG. Did you manage to close the helmet straps with the gas mask applied? If yes, how?

Not all the way, no. And I haven’t tried since obtaining the figure, so I can’t remember what the specific problem is!

I have updated the album with new pictures!

Like the weapon collection, I retook them all with my iPhone XS. Much more natural lighting, the harsh flash of my Nikon made the figures look really toy-like in the old pictures. Well, they ARE toys, but you know what I mean.

Not that many new acquisitions in the past couple of years. I continue to primarily be a weapons collector. Revamped my custom HUNK with higher-quality gear to match his loadout from the Resident Evil 2 remake. Soldier Story’s ISOF duo. The VTS hunter from Bloodborne…or is that “Blood Hunter,” heh. The custom realistic GK Spade J I shared a few months ago.

Good to see Jones there, he was quite the rage, back when, and still has got some OOMP. A friend, and fellow OSWer from the earlier days, enjoyed gigging Jones, for being a “pinhead”.