KGB-Hobby Russians underrated?

I recently took a better look at all the KGB-Hobby equipment sets. The latest 005 figure even included a body and headsculpt. They seem to suffer from the same problem as DID and MCToys, not being able to produce quality plastic items. They neither look sharp nor having any great features, hence moving parts.
Nevertheless, I like the look of all of them and they offer unique parts, clothes and camo patterns. If I would collect military, I would just go for lots of them and replace the weapons by DAM’s counterparts.

The only item I aquired from them so far is the KGB-005 helmet and gas mask loose and displayed it on a mannequin. The gas mask looks all great, apart from the not so crisp execution of the plastic itself. I feel again like I am thrown back to my MCToys FSB 3.0 review. Same issues.

The first sets seem to go for quite little money. The latest 005 seemed to be a bit too expensive imo considering the poor rifle and pistol.

What do you think? Any experience to share? Down below ref pics of all the products.

KGB-001A & B






I consider KGB-Hobby a trailblazer, they were out there with cool stuff, before DAM blitzed the market. Since 005, nothing. I like their stuff, warts and all, and think they effected the quality of modern Russian figures and gear in a most positive way.

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Yep they started the trend and proved there was a market for the product. They are at their best with fabric based materials and their clothing and nylon equipment was well executed. The first rifles reused the old Red Horse AK74 which were resin. They had some interesting products in development but one of the main people behind the company was dealing with health issues last I spoke to him.

Their first two sets are quite difficult to find now. Their Gorkas are still the best produced in 1/6.

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I see, so they intended to continue actually. That’s not too good.

Doing Russians only and their suits look awesome, they might have done an Alpha as well or maybe a SOBR I am waiting for years now.

Yep. These were the last things they had previewed. VSS and SR-3M would be welcome options. Not sure why DAM has overlooked these.


That S3RM :open_mouth:
Also the Gas masks and a VSS!!!

From what year were these pics?

They are from the 2015 CICF Expo.

So sounds like it’s over then…

Hopefully another brand will pick these up.

Reminds me a bit of 21C, and Toy Soldier, in their final days. So much promise.

At some point they want to return to the product line, but understandably it isn’t their focus currently.

The nude that came with 005 appeared similar to the COOModels bodies of that time, but with less points of artic. I liked the whole thing well enough, and body swapping has lost some of its sting for me, with better, more economical alternatives.
I am willing to wait for KGB to get back up and running, because I like their products, and their “regular guy” attitude.

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I agree with most of the comments here but I’d like to point out an issue I’ve had with the KGB Hobby 6B5 body armor vest.

Bought one each boxed (001-A & B) plus several loose sets, and I’ve had the same problem with every one of them: the material used for the vest has turned a rusty orange color over time! None of the figures have been exposed to direct sunlight ever, and aside from usual handling they have been displayed in my room since they were put on a figure. Mind you, this hasn’t happened with other pieces of their gear or the Gorka suits themselves, only to the vest.

I’m wondering if anyone else has had this problem and can comment on potential causes and solutions.

I haven’t seen that with any of that particular KGB vest, the two I have set aside for bashes seem to be the original shade. I have seen a copper like discoloration on some products (notably Soldier Story’s OEM) on occasion. I’m not sure if it is the same thing but it is more of an isolated spot/section usually that has a copperish/orangey color to it. It’s a bit weird as it always has the same color to it when I come across it.

Wonder if it is some sort of oxidation brought on by moisture/humidity or something to do with the dye. This was an interesting bit on the subject and I wonder if that has some bearing. I find the dyes used by the manufacturers in this space to behave quite oddly, from the staining we see down to some brands having fabric that discolors upon contact with water, which was a particularly weird thing I’ve never seen before.

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Thanks for your input Adam.

As you know I live in a tropical island, where a degree of heat and humidity are inevitable. Many of my figures are kept in sealed boxes precisely to avoid those two factors, but my Russians are prominently displayed in my “cave”, where for the most part it is cool & dry. I thought this oxidation, which is a very good way to describe what happened to the vests, is likely an issue of the dyes as opposed to the fiber itself.

As for the figures, having this kind of odd-coloring adds some “weathering” that could represent battle wear-and-tear, so my figures are still wearing those vests. The process has not affected any other webgear on the figures, nor their uniforms. They just look kind of strange…well, maybe it has happened to others. I’d like to hear from other members too.

You might wanna check on your figures butts. Some guys on OSW complained about them becoming sticky due to warm and humid weather :smile:

I just can’t get over this rifle. This is, the fact aside that lighting is not great and I can’t see moving parts, one of the best weapons in the last years, for me personally.
Hope, they continue producing one day.

The SR-3M is long overdue to be made by someone. Personally I’m hoping someone makes one like MVD operator Karden designed for his own service rifle. Here’s a look at his with a front rail he designed so you can use a standard vertical grip with the rifle rather than the integrated flip down one. I’d like to see some more brands try their hand at the Russian genre to get DAM to reconsider recent price hikes which seem excessive.

Indeed, DAM’s price increases seem like a FYCharley to all of us who’ve supported them.

I would be happy with any of these versions. Seems like they all originated from the AS-Val? Having this compact rifle as a more tactical version is really appealing.
Let’s see what comes up. Either KGB hobby picks it up again or someone else. I am just scared DAM would put too little functions, like with the AS Val.

The VAL, SR-3/M, and VSS are all related and share components/design. They all use the same 9x39 round.