Kickstart: Warhammer 40,000 Cadian Officer

Well its a modern figure…just hundred of years from today.

If your into 1/6 collecting and 40K this must be a purchase. Good looking figure, hope stretch targets add some accessories, like helmet, rifle, bolt gun?

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I want a Blood Angel Space Marine in 1/6. But i think this would too much money.

Green Wolf Gear seems to be now Green Wolf Studios. Hope, they don’t lose the modern military focus.

Could be a very interesting theme in 1/6. The tabletop game has much possibilities and especially the warhammer 40K Universe has many fans. The Figures were to small for me for painting and i was not a player but i loved the Design and stories behind. 1/12 could also be a winner for this.

Col.Braddock, I’m the same as you, never played the game but love the books/40K theme.

Re: 1/12 could also be a winner for this.

Bandai did a 1/12 scale Ultra Marine last year - I picked one up V nice figure. Last month they opened up orders (for 1 week only) for Dark angel & Imperial Fist. So keep an eye open they must do a Blood Angel soon cannot miss such a popular chapter. They run at £85.00 so NOT cheap. However…

McFarlane are producing a range (1/12 - cheaper circa £20), which includes a grey (blank) space marine, so you can paint your own. Again just google McFarlane Warhammer 40k.


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I wonder how the combat knife looks. If it looks like a Rambo knife, then I might get it loose.

Looks like he has a laspistol and a chainsword. Very cool. Wish Games Workshop would do a 1/6 line of Space Marines. I remember old posts on onesixthwarriors about custom made Space Marines that looked amazing, probably very expensive though.

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I don’t care for that aesthetic, honestly. It’s nice to look at, but I probably wouldn’t actually want anything in that style.

The price. Jeez. I guess the license was expensive ?

Its Green Wolf, they don’t do cheap unfortunately.

could not stop myself put my name down for one. If they did an Ork? :star_struck:

As a former 40k player and even an Imperial Guard player, I had to pre-order. Plus I’m a huge fan of Green Wolf. I have a few of their figures and I’ve been very impressed by them.

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Looks like 1/12 Blood Angel arriving next year