King's Toy KT-8004 Pakistan Ceremonial Guard 1/6 scale

Hi all

Just seen this figure appearing on sites. Great seeing something different on the market. Have thought India/Pakistan offer some interesting military uniforms, nice to see a manufacturer taking the plunge.

Never heard of King’s Toy before? Photos look ok, not Dam Toys quality more Flagset. Think price reflects this. Still a nice unusual figure to add to collection.


Every new army is a win to me. AK looks kind of fine.

HS looks good for Taliban bashes, as does the AK. They can keep everything else.

I believe they did a U-Boat Officer, some while back.

I’ve seen footage of these Guards drilling. It seems like there’s a fair amount of showmanship at the common border, by both Pakistan and India.

The fellow appears to have been vetted by The Ministry of Silly Walks.

Ministry of Silly Walks

A very good video of the nightly border closing ceremony, between India and Pakistan.
How the heck they get there boots that high, is amazing.

The Greeks have a similar thing, on you Tube check " Changing of Guards, Athens (2017)", very Monty Python. Plus would love to see spec ops wearing the granny slipper boots…scare me 1 on 1.

Just saw this on bbicn, looks unique and cool. I’d buy it.