King's Toy KT-8004 Pakistan Ceremonial Guard 1/6 scale

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Just seen this figure appearing on sites. Great seeing something different on the market. Have thought India/Pakistan offer some interesting military uniforms, nice to see a manufacturer taking the plunge.

Never heard of King’s Toy before? Photos look ok, not Dam Toys quality more Flagset. Think price reflects this. Still a nice unusual figure to add to collection.


Every new army is a win to me. AK looks kind of fine.

HS looks good for Taliban bashes, as does the AK. They can keep everything else.

I believe they did a U-Boat Officer, some while back.

I’ve seen footage of these Guards drilling. It seems like there’s a fair amount of showmanship at the common border, by both Pakistan and India.

The fellow appears to have been vetted by The Ministry of Silly Walks.

Ministry of Silly Walks

A very good video of the nightly border closing ceremony, between India and Pakistan.
How the heck they get there boots that high, is amazing.

The Greeks have a similar thing, on you Tube check " Changing of Guards, Athens (2017)", very Monty Python. Plus would love to see spec ops wearing the granny slipper boots…scare me 1 on 1.

Just saw this on bbicn, looks unique and cool. I’d buy it.

Well he arrived…my thoughts

Never bought anything from King Toys before so no idea what level (quality) they are at (or aim for). Based on this figure I would say low level. Body used is of a lower quality - more like those £30/£50 toy 12" soldiers you see for sale on major websites. The kit and uniform is of the same quality. Its not in E&S/Damtoy/Soldier Story league. Possibly some parts closer to Mini Times/Facepool/Flagset/Alert Line. Overall I would put King Toys in a lower tier Unjindou/SuperMCtoys(SuperMCtoys tend to swing between level 2&3 for me).

Face seems lifeless to me, large gap between body & head. Think this if for fitting the red/white scarf you can see on figure. Trouble is the material supplied is nearly a man size tissue lol. Had some trouble stuffing down & around body, to avoid the beer belly or hump back look. A small cut of material - scarf size - would have been better (probably save cash as well).

Some parts like medals and shoulder cord reminded me of Tourist dolls. Remember as a kid visited London - parents bought me a 8" Guard figure in plastic tube. Parts on dolls uniform all shinny, or plastic. Thats the feeling I get from this figure - shinny & plastic in some areas.

AK is usual low level thing, limited moving parts (do not want to break anything so did not force stuff). Painting OK though I do think my photos (for once) make it look better than real life.

Overall if you did not buy this figure…well done. If I had figure in hand I would have not have bothered. Silver lining on my shelf it does stand out and breaks up MultiCam (SF) collection.

My concern would be what quality is the USMC Special Response Team SRT figure. I am relieved not put any money down on this. Maybe like superMC - king toys can deliver the odd decent figure.

Some pictures:

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Thanks for sharing. Pakistani was never done before and nice to see a brief look taken at this niche figure. I guess, the saving grace is the topic itself though. Still, happy someone did anything apart from US and China.

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