King's Toy KT-8005 USMC Special Response Team

Parts List:

  1. The head
  2. 5.0 body
  3. The M4
  4. Glove hand *3
  5. The helmet
  6. Holster
  7. Band
  8. Intercom
  9. A pistol
  10. The M4 shotgun
  11. Combat boots
  12. The scissors
  13. Gun lamp
  14. Sunglasses
  15. The shotgun * 4
  16. Light sticks
  17. Stun guns
  18. Earmuffs
  19. The knife
  20. The vise
  21. Gas masks
  22. The cutting machine
  23. The sights
  24. Backpack holder
  25. Recycle bag
  26. Skeleton headgear
  27. Velcro suits
  28. M4 magazine bag *2
  29. Pistol magazine bag
  30. Medical kits
  31. Administrative package
  32. Tactical drop seat belt
  33. Tactical vest
  34. Radio bag
  35. Tactical tourniquet
  36. The gun straps
  37. The gun on the rope
  38. The knee
  39. The elbow pads
  40. T-shirts
  41. Fattening pants
  42. The stents
  43. The chapter on the back Chapter
  44. The national flag
  45. The armbands A
  46. The armbands B
  47. The armbands C
  48. The armbands D

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What the hell is this? Police patch, dodgy loadout. I guess, fine for loose parts.


I just googled USMC SRT and this figure looks actually fine. They seem quite police-like on reference images and the patch is correct. But what about that massive saw? And that ACOG on an M4 is still strange.

Also, do they use Benelli M4?

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The chainsaw is a definite buy. I’ve seen pics of real life LEO use these for door breaching but can’t remember where, so it is a real thing. Tempted to get the full figure but with these unknown brands that’s a real risk. It does say 8005 suggesting previous releases but I’ve never heard of them? Anyone else know anything?

Some images showing Force Recon & MARSOC Marines with chainsaws

5th Plt Breacherteam



Yes, they do. The Benelli M1014 is issued to the USMC.

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Is the sculpt supposed to be Lou Diamond Phillips?
The parts list in an interesting read - WTF are fattening pants?! I guess, I have those, too, they grow tighter every year, haha.
From your comments, I grasp that it’s a realistic figure, outfit-wise. Altogether, I do think it looks good, but I share the doubts concerning quality. I will certainly wait for in-hand pictures and reviews before I’ll consider buying it. The saw plus backpack is cool, though!
I hope it’s not another Flagset type experience with great promo pics and a sub par end product with low quality gear and lack of detail.

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From the firs lookt, it’s a nice figure then. Good to see niche things popping up once in a while!

The Benelli looks like an own build. Neither ES, nor SS or DiD look like the same mould.

The gas-powered circular saw is sometimes referred to as a cut saw, diamond saw, even a chop saw. They can cut concrete and metals with a number of blade types.
I’ve seen some video of outfits like Rangers breaching Cyclone fences as well the doors and wall shown above.

Not certain what the “vise” included in the list is.

The big old wire strippers must be what they list as scissors.


I dig the knife and wire strippers. Maybe the saw. Not feeling the rest.

This is a strange surprise but a welcome one, I think I see some nice loose parts in there.


Yup, looks like USMC is the rising topic.
Something else, and not PLA or Russians, at least!

IMO…I think this looks cool…and I didn’t know that USMC used stun guns…


This is an odd assortment of equipment. The USMC SRT unit hasn’t used the M9 is a long time. And tasers? That’s a new one. A MARPAT uniform would have been a better choice for collectors. The saw is cool but would need to be painted black. This is a definite wait and see release.

This video shows Marines during a breaching exercise and one guy carries exactly the same orange-white circular saw. So, it seems that it’s legit and doesn’t necessarily need a black paint job. On the other hand, this is just training, downrange, you might want to have a less conspicuous tool…

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Yeah, in training they probably use a stock unit. In an operational environment they are painted black, OD green, tan, etc and are typically quieted down as much as possible through aftermarket exhaust and mufflers. I will probably pick a saw up, but the rest is wait and see about quality and details.