Kings Toy KT-8006 SEK Special Operations Command

Parts List:

  1. Head sculpt
  2. 5.0 Body
  3. Shoes
  4. SFP9 pistol
  5. Pistol Magazine*2
  6. MP7 submachine gun
  7. Sight
  8. Gun rope
  9. MP7 submachine gun magazine *4
  10. Smoke bomb*2
  11. Holster
  12. Helmet
  13. Gloved hands * 3
  14. Tools
  15. Headphones & Radio
  16. Baton 1
  17. Truncheon 2
  18. Tops
  19. Pants
  20. Epaulettes
  21. S3 Badge
  22. Ray Badge
  23. Chest Badge
  24. Back Badge
  25. Armband*2
  26. o pos Badge
  27. Waist pack Badge
  28. Headgear
  29. Chest bag
  30. Submachine gun magazine bag*2
  31. Pistol Magazine Bag
  32. Walkie talkie bag
  33. Medical kit
  34. Weapon fixing strap
  35. Waist bag
  36. Backpack
  37. Toolkit
  38. Smoke bomb bag*2
  39. Helmet cover


This looks pretty cool. Who do you guys think the head sculpt is

I like this, something new! Some really cool gear here.

Discount Chris hemsworth?

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I guess I need this one then. This time, it’s a Bavarian, Soldier Story came with a North Rhine-Westphalian figure. Why is no one making a Berlin officer?

More shots of the MP7 would be nice. Hopefully, there is a way to transfer the stock to the SS086 one as this one looks meh.

By the way, it says HK SFP9 pistol, but looks like a G17.

Very positive is the helmet and the 5.0 body only after reaching figure N°6. They must have have done a hell of a tooling :laughing:

Strange choice are the smoke grenades for a police unit. Would have rather anticipated flashbangs in this regard.

Also, just found out by now, in China it’s offered through the Flagset store. Not sure if as OEM or else, but if Flagset is involved in producing and previewing rather be very careful with the quality and check loose parts before buying. Flagset has a history of selling worse then advertized. Have a look at their latest scam.
Smoke grenades and hands look Flagset-like, but as long as you exchange weapons, it will be alright. They provide at least good cloth quality items.


This is very tempting but the plastic quality seems sketchy.

So the reference is some cosplay though, but not too far off from the reference images above


Definitely looks like Flagset made product. Multicam is a giveaway.

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Really great to see an up to date SEK Operator and finally we have this helmet. Was a shame Soldier story had not done one with their Expo Figure.

Looks not bad and if Flagset is involved the quality of the clothing and pouches should be good. Perhaps a few compromises with the weapons but i am happy with this comming release.

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I see also a younger Russel Crowe like in Gladiator.

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Yes, but no AM-95, a more modern one.

Replace the Glock and maybe mod the MP7. Exchanging body and sculpt might be not necessary. Maybe this stock also fits MP5s. Need to see!

Zenturio C1300H. I wanted to get a 1:1 replica but 1:6 is a bit more friendly for the budget. :laughing:

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Good to know for the gear thread.

I am having big hopes in this figure, maybe a mistake. Do you have any experience with their Pakistani figure? Or was it @BigD?

No experience but everything looks like standard Flagset production quality here, ie average plastic items and the rest pretty decent. Of course these are just preorder photos and we know how that can go.

This one looks pretty cool…might have to get this…

There goes my plan to cut back on figure buying for 2022. Haha. This figure looks great.

I actually hope the visor will be able to close completely and is not blocking the NVG shroud. Otherwise, this would be a malfunctional product.

UPDATE This one doesn’t close completely either

Right when I finally obtain the GEK Cobra helmet, they come out with this. Well, I never saw myself ordering a flagset figure, a bit concerned about the overall quality of the final product… If only DAM or Soldier Story would produce something similar. I will definitely be picking up loose parts to pair with an existing SEK kitbash.

Looks like I’ll have to pickup some chainmail…

Hi chpo
Yes I bought the Indian figure - it was a disappointment - overall quality similar to “gift dolls” - defo low end. i am usually forgiving, but Indian figure was poor. 100% sure would not meet standards of many on forum.
Now onto this figure - pictures look good, but how often have we been fooled by nice pictures? That’s my concern. Not sure Flagset involvement is a plus either. I have a few of their figs and its hit & miss - MP7 looks worryingly plastic.
Personally holding off ordering - wait to see what collectors say - real photos & post on quality etc.

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