Kitbash gloves help

I have planned to outfit each of my 12 kitbashes with two pairs of hands each, one for gripping knives and other bladed weapons, and the other for guns. I will then place the black mechanix gloves from DAM on all of them, meaning that I’d have to buy 24 pairs in total. However most of my bashes have been and likely will be displayed with their guns. I have displayed with just their bladed weapons, but I likely won’t be doing the same for all of them at the same time. So I’m beginning to wonder if it would not be more practical to just get 6 knife-gripping pairs and rotate them amongst the figures as needed, instead of getting 12 of which the majority would likely be unused most of the time. It would certainly be much cheaper and probably easier to source 18 of those particular gloves instead of 24. So what are your thoughts?


I think it would more practical to just get 6 knife-gripping pairs and rotate them amongst the figures.

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That’s the option I was thinking of, yes. I imagine that those operators that I’ve either given tomahawks to in addition to their winkler knives would be the ones most likely to need those hands. More so than the ones with just knives, at any rate.

Most of them will have winkler knives and tomahawks with the exceptions of the Japanese CAG assaulter and the Nordic DEVGRU machine gunner who will have some sort of tactical Tanto knife and an RMJ berserker tomahawk, respectively. This is because I see them as what are essentially modern tier 1 versions of ninjas and vikings. I might even add appropriately themed tattoos, but that’s beside the point. The other tomahawks will to any operators whose roles would necessitate those tools or at least find them helpful.

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You should show us some pics when they are done. They sound cool as hell!

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