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I require some help from you wise members. I am working on a kitbash but with being in and out of the hobby and so many new companies and pieces coming out it has been a hassle to track down parts.

This post is in no way saying show me links to stores that have these parts, it’s more of help pinpointing if these parts exist in the hobby and who makes/ which figure comes with them. Adam, if this is not allowed please feel free to delete.

On to the bash. I want to make an operator based on the character designs for the new Call of Duty. More specifically based on the Clean House Op. I plan to make one of the “faceless” guys but using parts from Price, Gaz, and the others.

My issue is. I know for the uniform the SFO figures will work, but parts like the helmet with a gray cover like Price and his vest. I have attached images to help show what I am after. I also can’t tell if his vest if washed out dirty green or tan. Help with that would be great as well.



Plate carrier is the LBX Aramatus II. It hasn’t been replicated in 1/6 yet to my knowledge. Not sure on the color either, will have to check for more photos. Zert Juggernaut helmet is one option for a FAST helmet with a grey cover.

That is the exact reason I posted here. You guys are fast.

I will have to boot up my Xbox and look again. I have the book but it does the general vest. Are there any that you would say are close? I was thinking like the E&S HRT training vest if I go green.

That ZERT helmet was my guess as well.


The front panel angled cut reminds me of the parent company LBT’s 6094. but that one is a bit busier in terms of extra loops for routing radio/hydration. The AVS has a more squared cut. If you go towards a grey color the C2R carrier from ES or Soldier Story has some of the general features. The Linderhof carrier from the Soldier Story KSM could be another starting point as it has a less busy front. That built in zippered admin pouch is fairly distinctive I can’t think of an add-on one that has replicated that sort of look.

Thanks Adam. I will probably go with the KSM vest. Upon inspection of the kit that all the characters have it looks tan. The battle belt is the dark weathered green.

Thanks for the help.

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I make my own with a mix of loose parts from E&S, Minitimes,…

Tell me if you want some informations. :wink:

For the helmet with gray cover try loose parts of this set. Unfortunately, not exactly the same color.

Very true. A good second option.

That’s a very good one. Will use that for reference.

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Ok. So next question. For anyone that has a set of the Soldier Story light up NVGs. Are they worth it? They look good and should be able to mount for my bash but promo shots always look great. If I drop the money, I would like them to look good.

Here is what they look like lit in a dark setting. The light up feature is a neat novelty but outside of posing for a photo you wouldn’t really use it as it requires physically changing out and then they are permanently lit till the battery dies. It would have been neat if they ran power through the actually battery pack but it is an understandable limitation given the size of the batteries. Soldier Story and Easy Simple have the best GPNVG18s. DAM has two styles, on one they glue in the NVG units individually and they often end up crooked. The other is fine. Given your potential choice of helmet I’d probably just use an ES unit.

I have some and it looks very nice. It is very detailed. It is just usuable with the matching NVG from this set. But like allready said the Design is bad. The opening for the batteries in the NVG is hollowed out. The batteries are sitting in a bracket. This bracket for the batteries just fit but if you put it too deep you will have a big problem. It can be stuck and you just get the batterie out. I had to drill an opening in to the top to free the bracket. So the NVG are damaged. For a photo shooting in the dark / dawn it is very nice. But after this you have to change the bracket with the batteries and use the standard covers.

Thanks again Adam. That is good to know. I remember vaguely seeing the batteries in the eye pieces but wasn’t sure. That counter weight looking piece threw me and I thought it ran through that as well. I may have to get a set just to have so I can say yes I have a pair but won’t kill myself for them.

Thank you Sam. Seems about right. Anyway for SS to stay relevant. Companies like DAM, E&S and others are overshadowing them. I am glad I have asked, now I may have saved a few bucks.

Thanks Col. That was my biggest fear. That they would look great but be a hassle to work with. Now being back in an area that deals with humidity and moisture I would like to keep from having to clean messy batteries.

Ok last question for now. Have and black GPNVG18’s been made. I think Minitimes has but since that is minuscule step up from Very Hot I would like to avoid them. I don’t mind having to paint them if not but having a already black set would help.

Other than Minitimes ZERT line had ones with black body with colored accents. Alternatively 26008 AVS-10s would give you a similar look in black.

I would not use Minitimes. The quality of the parts is OK but you will be more pleased with the black ones from E&S.

  1. Easy & Simple 26020S
  2. Easy & Simple 26008B

The Version Adam mentioned:

Z.E.R.T. Joint Task Force Assaulter


This one has taken a while to diagnose and fix, but I just pushed through a code change that seems to have fixed it. Let me know if this is now working for you.