Kitbash mask help

One of the types of facewear that I plan to get for some of my kitbashes and that I already have on my modern CAG squad leader bash are those airsoft mesh face masks from some of the British E&S figures. I know that some airsoft players choose to mount these masks directly to their helmets, and I wanted to know if it would be possible to do the same in 1/6 scale. Out of the three figures who will get these masks, I think that only two will have them attached to their helmets, as the last wears hoodie and is thus more likely to be displayed without their helmet. I also plan to put skull designs on them, so should I try painting the designs on in white with a fine-tip brush or use some sort of marker instead?

In the first step, i would prime the mask with black primer as solid base for the paintjob.
You could use a fine white pen, fine brush or an airbrush. It depends on your skills and what is more comfortable for you. I would use only Acryl and not Enamel paint. Errors can be eliminated more easily. After the job is done you need to seal it with clear coat to protect you paint work.
First method would be to use a pen or brush. You need a calm hand for this.
Second method would be an airbrush with fine jet and something like a self made stencil.
Third method would be a self made decal