Kitbashing Mile 22

I watched the movie twice (first at the theater, then at home in Blu-Ray) and I became quite motivated to bash both main characters (James Silva/Mark Wahlberg & Alice Kerr/Lauren Cohan).

Unfortunately I am now stuck with this project for a number of reasons, but mainly two issues: the lack of decent HS that resemble the actors, and finding decent coats/jackets for them. It seems that the only available Wahlberg HS is the one from Mini Times (huge & unusable unless bought with the body), As for Miss Cohan, Í don’t even know where to begin; nothing that I’ve seen comes even close.

The two black jackets worn by the characters are also a problem, as I can’t find any out there that come close. It seems to me every jacket made in 1:6 is a hoodie…

What do you people think? Is this doable without a huge investment?

The TAD jacket from the latest ES figure might do the trick as a somewhat reasonable substitute. Hard to find a softshell style jacket without all manner of pockets or a hoodie.

Thanks for the input Adam. I have found a decent alternative in the least expected place - deep in my own spare box. Buried in the bottom was a Ziploc bag filled with stuff from an old Gearbox German U-Boat Engineer set. In there was a pleather jacket that had lost all of the “leather” material and looked just the type. I Googled pictures from the movie and the jacket is really close to the one worn by the character. So that’s problem #1 taken care of.

The jacket for the female figure is going to be a tougher one though. Nothing in the market comes close. For lack of a better option I may try to use DiD’s Fringe Olivia Dunham’s one. It is much shorter than what I need but there’s no other alternative AFAIK.

The pants for both figures, red-checkered shirt for Silva, black undershirt for Alice, boots and backpacks are all there. The rifles need some work but are doable. The search for the heads continues…

If you find a decent looking Cohan head LMK. I am in the same boat as I would like to bash some M22 figs. I have the Wahlberg head. May not be the correct age but will work.

I look forward to seeing what you do.

So far no joy Rod. I’ll keep you posted.