kitbashing on a budget

so i stumbled upon these from blue box toys the other day.The bodies do not have much pose ability but would be good for a static display. the head sculpts are decent and after a repaint could look very well . i picked up the bear hunter and turkey hunter,haven’t found the rest.they do come with some unique items a tree stand,bear paws,turkey calls and a turkey decoy as well as a turkey wall mount LOL. The boots had a fair mold with a little mold line but after some sanding and clean up then paint and now they do not look to shabby. the boots are peg type and do not fit many other bodies but with a little modding they work decent
for under twenty for both it was worth the buy KITBASHING ON A BUDGET.

Those boots cleaned up nicely. At one point one of the discount chains in the US had stock of these series for dirt cheap. BBI has had a tough go of it trying to keep product in retail especially now with TRU going belly up. They have been selling on Amazon under a different name, might want to keep an eye out to see if they pop up there.

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Thanks for sharing. I have seen these on sale online and was wondering how they looked up close. Would you mind uploading some pics of the weapons and the tree stand? The shotgun looks particularly intetesting and from the pics I have seen thus far if appears to resemble the Benelli Nova. Could be a good base for a custom piece.

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no problem ill take some shots today although i have already blacked it out for repaint

thanks adam i ran across these at a farm and ranch store here in Texas such a random find